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Product Code: mdm5262
Wooden Table Top White Lake Leg Table Table - mdm5262 - Dinner Table..
Product Code: mdm5267
Wooden Table Painted Cafe Restaurant Hotel Table - mdm5267 - Dinner Table..
Product Code: mdm5264
Wooden Table Dining Table - mdm5264 - Dinner Table..
Product Code: mdm5260
Wooden Table Dining Room Table - mdm5260 - Dinner Table..
Product Code: mdm5270
Wooden Round Dining Table - mdm5270 - Dinner Table..
Product Code: mdm5259
Venge Painted Wooden Restaurant Hotel Table - mdm5259 - Dinner Table..
Product Code: mdm5268
Square Wooden Table Table - mdm5268 - Dinner Table..
Product Code: mdm5263
Self Storing Leaves Table Wooden Table - mdm5263 - Dinner Table..
Product Code: mdm5253
Rectangle Wooden Table Table - mdm5253 - Dinner Table..
Product Code: mdm5254
Rectangle Wooden Table Restaurant Table - mdm5254 - Dinner Table..
Product Code: mdm5257
Quadruple Light Paint Colorful Table Table - mdm5257 - Dinner Table..
Product Code: mdm5258
Polished Wooden MDesken Quadruple Hotel Table - mdm5258 - Dinner Table..
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table prices
Various table prices
Table Prices - Table Prices and pictures

Prices for desks vary widely around the World, depending on many categories. Among the factors that affect the price of tables, factors such as material quality, design styles, production process, labor costs, transportation costs, supply and demand balance can play a role.

For example, handmade tables made using high-quality wood materials can be priced much higher than a mass-produced table with a simpler design. Also, the country or region in which a desk is manufactured causes a high degree of variation in labor costs and shipping costs, which can severely affect the price of desks.

The price of desks is therefore an indisputable part of a highly volatile market around the world. Prices may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, from country to country, and even from city to city.

Of course, some of the other factors that affect the prices of tables are:

Design Complexity: The more complex and unique the desk's design, the higher the price may be. For example, a custom-designed desk may be priced much higher than a pre-manufactured standard desk.

Material: The material used in the construction of the table can greatly affect the price of the table. For example, materials such as natural stone, marble or high-quality wood can result in higher prices.

· Brand and Manufacturer: Some brands are known for their high quality designs, materials and craftsmanship and therefore charge higher prices than other brands.

· Equilibrium of Demand and Supply: The rate at which tables are demanded can seriously affect their prices. If the supply-demand ratio of a table is too high, its price may increase as well.

· Second-Hand Tables: Second-hand tables can be sold at a lower price than new tables.

Considering all these factors, the price of the tables can be in a very wide price range depending on the variability of the worldwide market.


· Size: The size of the table may affect its price. Large, large, or custom-made tables may be sold at higher prices.

· Production Process: The production process of the table is a serious factor affecting its price. For example, the technology and equipment used to manufacture a desk influence its price.

Design and Style: The design and style of the desk can affect its price. Tables that require a special design, unique style or craftsmanship can be sold at higher costs.