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Iroko Tables

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Rectangular Self Storing Leaves Iroko Garden Table - btkd235 - Iroko Tables..
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Oval Iroko Garden Table - ikm1305 - Iroko Tables..
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Octagon Metal Leg Iroko Table - ikm1255 - Iroko Tables..
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Iroko Table with Stainless Legs - ikm1303 - Iroko Tables..
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Iroko Table with Foldable Leg - ikm1253 - Iroko Tables..
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Iroko Table with Black Cast Leg - ikm1302 - Iroko Tables..
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Iroko Table for Four - ikm1300 - Iroko Tables..
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Iroko Table - ikm1251 - Iroko Tables..
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Iroko Self Storing Leaves Garden Table - btk0235 - Iroko Tables..
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Iroko Restaurant Garden Table - ikm1252 - Iroko Tables..
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Iroko Octagon Cafe Table - ikm1256 - Iroko Tables..
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Iroko Hotel Garden Table - ikm1307 - Iroko Tables..
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Iroko Tables

"Iroko Tables Standing Out with their Durability and Aesthetics: The Perfect Choice for Cafes, Restaurants and Hotels"

Furniture made of iroko wood has been increasingly preferred by cafes, restaurants and hotels in recent years. The reason behind this preference is undoubtedly the durability provided by the Iroko tree. Aesthetic appearance and environmental friendliness.

Features of Iroko Tables;

The iroko tree is a perennial and hardy tropical hardwood from the forests of West and Central Africa. Thanks to its high density, durability and natural oil content. It is extremely resistant to damp and harsh weather conditions. These properties make Iroko wood an ideal material for outdoor furniture.

Especially open-air restaurants, cafes and hotels can furnish their outdoor areas aesthetically and functionally by taking advantage of the durability provided by Iroko tables. These tables are not only resistant to wind, rain and sunlight, they also acquire a beautiful patina over time.

But Iroko's appeal isn't just limited to her durability and natural beauty. This type of wood also stands out as an environmentally friendly option. Iroko trees can be grown and harvested under sustainable forestry practices. This shows that Iroko furniture is both an aesthetically and environmentally responsible option.

In addition, the rich and warm color tones of Iroko blend easily with any decoration. Dark brown and gold tones create a natural warmth and pleasant contrast. In this way, Iroko tables become both a functional and decorative option for restaurants, cafes and hotels.

Furniture selection for a business is important both in terms of aesthetics and practicality. Customers evaluate a business not only by the services or products it offers, but also by the environment and atmosphere it offers. Therefore, especially thanks to its businesses in the service sector such as restaurants, cafes and hotels. Furniture selection is critical. At this point, Iroko tables offer businesses a versatile solution.

One of the most distinctive features of iroko tables, which are simple and stylish, is their durability. Iroko wood is naturally sourced as it has insect and rot resistance. These tables are suitable for long-term use. Also, thanks to the high density and natural oil content of this wood species. It is also highly resistant to water and humidity. Thanks to these features, Iroko tables maintain their quality and appearance over the years despite heavy use.

Iroko tables are also very easy to maintain. The presence of natural oils naturally seals the surface of this tree. Thus, it provides resistance against stains and liquids. This is a great advantage, especially in places where food and beverage services are served. A simple damp cloth will suffice for cleaning in most cases.

The design and aesthetics of Iroko tables also contribute greatly to the overall atmosphere and decoration of a business. The rich, golden hues and interesting grain patterns of iroko wood add warmth and character to a room. These tables go well with any decoration style, be it modern, industrial, rustic or traditional.

In conclusion;

Finally, thanks to the Iroko tree being a sustainable resource. It helps businesses fulfill their environmental responsibilities. Using environmentally friendly materials is part of a business's commitment to sustainability. It is perceived positively by customers.

In summary, Iroko tables are an ideal choice for businesses such as restaurants, cafes and hotels. Thanks to the durability, easy maintenance, aesthetic appeal and environmentally friendly features of these tables. It offers a versatile solution to businesses. Iroko tables are for both indoor and outdoor businesses. It provides elegant and durable flooring.