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Wooden Thonet Chair

Product Code: mys20
Blossom Modern Restaurant Chair..
Product Code: mys19
Papaver Modern Restaurant Chair..
Product Code: mys18
Lemon Modern Restaurant Chair..
Product Code: mys17
Mediterranean Modern Restaurant Chair..
Product Code: msy19
Introducing the Phacelia Modern chair without armrests – the perfect blend of functionality and style for your space. With its minimalist design and elegant lines, this chair makes a stylish addition to any interior. Crafted from high-quality materials, it provides comfort and support during use. Al..
Opuntia Modern Armless Chair
Product Code: msy17
Introducing the Opuntia modern armless chair - the perfect solution for contemporary interiors. Its restrained design and clean lines add sophistication and elegance to any space. The sleek forms of this chair harmonize with any decor style, imparting a modern charm to the room. Comfortable seating ..
Product Code: mys16
Beech Body Leather/Fabric Upholstered Armless Chair - mcs2022product features :It can be upholstered as fabric upon request.Chair with special back form and leg support.Polish or Upholstery can also be produced in the desired color.We do not have retail sales, wholesale orders are accepted.To get in..
Product Code: mys15
Introducing the modern black restaurant chair with a pattern - the perfect blend of style and functionality for your establishment. This chair brings elegance and sophistication to your restaurant interior with its modern design and unique pattern. Crafted from durable materials, it provides reliabi..
Product Code: mys14
Wooden Walnut Colorful Plum Fabric Restaurant Chair - msag129 - Wooden Chair..
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Wooden Tonet Chairs

Wooden Tonet Chairs are in your places such as cafe, restaurant, hotel, cafeteria and home. We recommend you to experience the warmth, exotic look and comfort of wood by using wooden chair, tonet. Also wooden chair, tonet chair and Wooden Tonet Chair. It is an aesthetic tone product that you can see in every place with its special texture. The production of tonet chairs, which adapts natural wood to our lives, appeals to our eyes in many areas, while at the same time it combines modernity and naturalness with its usefulness. What makes a product popular is that it is preferred by everyone. With the production of Tonet chairs, this is achieved beautifully. In addition, it has a very ergonomic structure and durability with its aesthetic structure that can appeal to all tastes, portability and suitable for all styles.


- Easy Cleaning

- Logistics Service

- 24/7 Solution and Help Service

- Durability and Longevity

- Customize

- High quality

More information;

Nowadays, when light and natural products are desired, this chair definitely plays the biggest role in the corner where you will feel yourself in nature in living spaces rather than embroidered and heavy products. When the elegance of the product is combined with its comfort, it appeals to both our eyes and our comfort. Our Palmiye Koçak furniture products. It also looks very solid, stylish, elegant and original due to the Extremely A-level quality. You can reach elegance with our Palmiye Koçak furniture products and you can make customizations in our products. You can also customize your products with your own style, size and color choices. Since the quality of the products is superior, you can use them comfortably and securely for many years without losing their comfort. High-end materials and materials have been used with the quality of our products. In this way, you have no doubt that you will not encounter long-lasting products.
All of our tonet products are produced in high quality. In addition, as Palmiye Koçak furniture, we only sell our tonet products wholesale, we do not have retail sales. You can buy our Palmiye Koçak furniture products from our store or by phone or whatsapp. We are a company that can make a difference with our Palmiye Koçak Furniture Wooden Tonet Chair products. We offer our products to you in order to give you a high level of service. Come and join us. Palmiye Koçak furniture, which has been living with us with its elegance, elegance, durability and originality, adds strength to our products from the very beginning.