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Table Legs

   We have a suitable table leg model for your table.

 The most important part of the furniture is the table legs, even if people do not pay much attention, the table legs have a very important task in terms of carrying the table and ensuring the balance of the table. We have iron casting, battery casting, aluminum, stainless, banquet, metal, log and wooden table legs suitable for every table top. Table legs vary in length, usually between 70 and 75 cm. Our table legs, which are produced in any desired color and model or as coated, provide a perfect harmony with your decoration.

 Depending on the type of flooring in your  office space, it is important to choose the type of furniture leg in order not to damage the flooring material and to preserve aesthetics. Upholstery types look better when office chairs, sofas, tables and all other furniture have quality furniture legs such as metal or wood furniture legs. It is necessary to decide which type of furniture leg to choose by considering the shape and type of furniture legs and then weighing them against the aesthetic theme of a room. This is how the best choice can be made for the designated room. There are many furniture legs to choose from. With the Palmiye Koçak team specializing in furniture legs, furniture and table legs are available in all shapes, sizes and materials. You can reach furniture legs that will adapt to any room, decoration, style and furniture with Palmiye Koçak quality and assurance.