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    Sofa sets, sofa beds, corner sets and sofa beds are on our site at affordable prices. Welcome to our website where you can find hundreds of products for your Cafe, Hotel, Home, Restaurant or Office. Please notify us of your different model and size requests. Cedar, Rocking Armchair, Garden Swing, Rattan Sofa Sets, Chester categories of products are available on our site.
Choosing the right furniture is one of the most important steps that opens the doors of the elegance desired to be created in home decoration. For this reason, it is of great importance that stylish furniture, which gives a brand new style and character to the environment in which they are located, is chosen in accordance with the needs and reflects personal tastes. In the era we live in, the trend of decoration understanding changes in a short time; leads to the emergence of brand new furniture designs and new preferences. In this direction, it is possible to say that decoration enthusiasts who seek elegance in interior decorations are inspired by the popular decoration concept of the period when choosing furniture. Sofa sets, where you will spend most of the day, should be durable for long-term use. In this regard, choosing a sofa set that suits your home style and your own style is a serious business.

     Sitting groups are among the indispensable parts of the living room. Most of the time, the sets that include armchairs such as berjer, double and triple are positioned in the corner of the houses. Modern designs and original models add an aesthetic atmosphere to your home. If you want the sofa set you choose for your home to have a modern look, you can choose models with wooden legs. Models made of hornbeam or walnut add a modern and high-quality atmosphere to your room with their unique designs and are resistant to impacts.
The sofa set should facilitate your daily life, that is, it should have functional features, as well as the quality of the fabric and a protection shield against fading. It makes the living room set to be long. As a result, choosing the right sofa set for your home and lifestyle is a serious matter. Our Palmiye Koçak Products offer both comfort and durability to our customers within the framework of quality standards. Production is made in the dimensions and fabric properties requested by our customers. Sofa sets, sofa bed models, corner sets and sofa beds are also available on our site.