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Table Tops

   Table Top Models can be used in cafes, restaurants, dining areas, kitchens, meeting rooms and lounge areas.

   It is especially preferred due to its naturalness and aesthetic view. Polishes and materials should be chosen to prevent possible damage to the tables. The tables of your tables will be very important in this respect. You should learn what kind of wood it is made of and choose your table accordingly. Many types of table tops are available. The most important factor to be considered during the selection of the Table Top is the thickness and durability level of the table. Care must be taken to choose a table top that is designed and produced in accordance with external factors and heat conditions. It is an important element in choosing a table in a model that will suit the area to be used. If the area is narrow, choosing a round or oval table would be a logical move, while choosing a square or rectangular table would be a logical move for a large area.

   Wooden table tops are produced from different trees, and accordingly, the option of appearance and use is offered. Homes gain a much more natural and comfortable appearance with these magnificent-looking tables, which offer the unique beauty and warmth of nature to the rooms with their raw appearance, scratch-proof structures. The absence of any varnish or paint on them prevents this naturalness from deteriorating. Melamine table top is mostly used in balconies and gardens. Because these products are resistant to moisture and stains and are easy to clean. Glass tabletops, on the other hand, reflect the natural and healthy appearance of glass, adding a pleasant atmosphere to the tables. With the Palmiye Koçak team specializing in Table Tops, there are furniture and tabletops of all shapes, sizes and materials, you can reach the furniture top that will adapt to any room, decoration, style and furniture with Palmiye Koçak quality and assurance.