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The table top of a restaurant, cafe, hotel or similar venue. It is a critical component for both your separation and expansion. In indoor and outdoor use, table tops can shape temperature and directly affect the customer experience.

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Tabletops play an important role indoors, including the overall decoration of a space. The size, shape, frame and material of the tables should reflect the overall ambiance and style of the space. For example, a restaurant that wants to create a warm and friendly atmosphere chooses natural wood tabletops. Wooden tabletops add a natural touch to an interior. It is also durable and long-lasting. On the other hand, a cafe or restaurant that prefers a more modern and minimalist decoration. Glass or metal table tops are preferred.

Wooden table tops are produced from different woods and accordingly, appearance and usage options are offered. Homes gain a much more natural and comfortable look with these magnificent-looking tables, which offer their raw appearance, non-scratching structures and the unique beauty and warmth of nature to the rooms. Leaving behind any polish or paint on them also prevents the deterioration of this naturalness. Melamine table top is mostly used in balconies and gardens. Because these products are resistant to moisture and stains and are easy to clean. Glass tabletops, on the other hand, reflect the natural and healthy living things of glass, adding a pleasant atmosphere to the tables. All forms of Table Top with Palmiye Koçak team. Size and structures to furniture and table top, all kinds of structures, decorations. To reach the furniture table that will adapt to the style and furniture with the quality and assurance of Palmiye Koçak.

For outdoor use, the table top must be weatherproof. For a hotel or restaurant terrace exposed to wind, rain and sunlight, durable wearers such as polyethylene, metal or specially treated wood are ideal. In addition, outdoor tabletops should also consider the overall expansion of the space and its harmony with the natural environment.

Both indoors and outdoors, table tops also serve the comfort of users. It should have a slot where customers can easily eat, put their drinks and create a space for a pleasant conversation. The surface of the tables should be smooth and stable.

Finally, the maintenance and cleaning of table tops is also important. Especially in places where food is served, table tops should be easily cleaned and stain-proof.

To summarize, the table top determines the character and warmth of a space. Instantly selects the right tabletops. It is a step towards increasing customer acquisition and enriching the overall experience of the venue.

Table Top As a result;

As a result, the choice of tabletops sets the atmosphere of a space. Customer experience and overall outlook is a complex and important decision. Selects the right tabletops indoors and outdoors. It plays an important role in enhancing the character of the place and increasing customer visitation. Therefore, both aesthetics, functionality and cost should be considered on the table top.