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Wooden Chair

Product Code: ksa38b
Antique Beige Fabric Upholstered Classic Chair - ksa38b - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: rsa36
Antique Black Bright Leather Upholstered Rustic Restoran Chair - rsa36 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ksa155
Antique Black Nubuck Leather Upholstered Classic Chair - ksa155 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ksa24
Antique Black Upholstered Restaurant Chair - ksa24 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: msag25
Antique Cream Upholstered Restaurant Chair - msag25 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ksa04
Antique Painted Blue Fabric Upholstered Classic Wooden Chair - ksa04 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ths9523s
Antique Painted Cafe Restaurant Thonet Chair - ths9523s - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: msag23
Antique Painted Modern Armchair - msag23 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ths9041
Antique Painted Restaurant Thonet Chair - ths9041 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: msag47
Antique Painted Wooden Modern Chair with Walnut Back - msag47 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ksa18
Antiqued Black Leather Wooden Classic Chair - ksa18 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ksa66
Antiqued Chenille Fabric Upholstered Classical Chair - ksa66 - Wooden Chair..
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Wooden Chairs

The most beautiful Wooden chairs

We list high quality and stylish wooden chair models for your cafe, restaurant and hotels on our site. You can contact us for wooden chairs in different colors and sizes. We serve you with the assurance of Palmiye Koçak Furniture and with our professional sales team. There are various types of materials we use in our models. A solid wooden chair is made of hardwoods such as hornbeam and beech. To use this material correctly, the humidity of the tree must be reduced to 9 to 13 degrees of humidity, the timber must be dried. The paints of wooden chair furniture are mostly special. In general, the color tone selection is silk matte and glossy, and the preferred tone is silk matte. Because in case of damage to intense glossy paints, it is difficult to repair and compensate. On our website, you will have an idea not only about the models but also about the prices of wooden chairs.

One of the best known features of chairs is that they are one of the most suitable items for every style and taste. While the chairs, which can adapt not only to eating but also to the spaces we use in daily life, impress with their different varieties, the quality of the wood is never questioned. Wooden chair models are not produced in a single mold, as in the past. Thanks to the models that have broken their own shell, they can even beautify the place they are in. In this way, the wooden chair models that you have in mind are produced in design settings and certain sizes. In order to create the wooden chair design you have in mind, you need to carefully measure the chairs according to the environment in which you will use them. The more accurately the measurements are taken, the clearer the wooden chair models in your idea will emerge. There is also a factor that the chairs to be used in small spaces and the chairs to be used in large spaces may differ from each other. In addition to being very aesthetic and high quality wooden chairs, the most important factor that provides this is the material to be used.

The taste of each period can be reflected by making different touches during the production of wooden chairs. Wooden chairs, which are preferred by those who want to experience a part of nature in their cafes, restaurants and hotels, are highly preferred indoors as well as outdoors. Elegant wooden chair models, which can be preferred by every space, can also be produced specifically for the texture of the space.

Wooden Chair Models

There are many different types of wooden chair models. These; wire legs, metal legs, iron legs, wooden legs.

While examining the models, we need to skip a detail. This detail is very important when manufacturing wooden chair models. During production, we inform our customers about this issue by our professional team. The choices you make affect the prices of wooden chairs. Chairs have an important place in the decoration of our home. Home decoration reflects the personal tastes of those living in it and is naturally their window to the outside. When we look at today, wooden chairs are mostly preferred. Our selection among wooden chair models should be very meticulous. Apart from choosing a tree or style, it is also necessary to look at the comfort, convenience and ergonomic structure of the chair. When you decide to buy the furniture, you should choose according to your health before the design. Wooden chair prices have an impact on quality and design. If you are thinking of a high-glamor chair model among wooden chair models, Retro models will adapt to your business with their eye-catching design.

Wooden Chair Prices

Wooden chair prices may be the most important factor when choosing a chair. When you look at the comments of various models, you may have an idea about wooden chair prices. Wooden chairs should make a good choice about wooden chair prices with many alternative features, especially the stylish and useful structure it offers. so you should ask yourself some questions, what kind of furniture does your business need? You can also choose comfortably about wooden chair prices.

If you want to get ideas for wooden chair models and wooden chair prices, you can always contact us.