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We are at your service with the types and models of chairs used by Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and different places located in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and Turkey. As a chairmaker, we offer you solid and high-quality products with our production team specialized in armless and armless chairs. Metal, Wooden and Plastic chair types are available on our website.

There are two models of metal chair types with and without sleeves. Make your choice according to the size of the area you will use. When it comes to chairs, it is not an easy task to choose what kind of product you need among the unlimited types and models. The main issues that you should pay attention to during the decision-making process when choosing a chair are as follows: first of all, you should make a selection appropriate to the characteristics of the place where you will use your chair. If the place where you will use the chair is a restaurant, cafe or hotel, then your chair should be able to withstand heavy traffic. In addition, the model of the product to be selected is as important as its durability, the type of chair should be suitable for your project, if classic products are in a modern space, you should choose a modern chair. Today, great importance is paid to the multifunctionality, practicality, mobility and ergonomics of furniture. It is quite possible to buy a chair with a transformation mechanism in a small room or a modular product consisting of several elements. Many people now prefer custom-made furniture according to individual parameters. Our Palmiye Koçak Products offer both comfort and robustness to our customers within the framework of quality standards. Production is carried out in the sizes and fabric specifications requested by our customers. high quality, elegant, natural, we offer elegance and feature to our customers with original products The materials used in each of the palm furniture are products with a guarantee of high quality and durability our materials are prepared with high level of care and also because our products are our products, they suit your taste and offer customization options our products can be delivered to various parts of the world in the form of distribution you can come to our stores to buy products you can buy our products only in wholesale Form we unfortunately do not have retail sales. Since our products are of high quality, you can use them for many years, you can only get our products from our stores, our products reflect themselves to you because we have prepared them with the utmost care, our products combine with naturalness and a miraculous solidity and elegance emerge, our products are shipped to the region you want without any problems. . You can order our products both by arrival and via Whatsapp without problems and hassle. You can use our products in Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and different places. We have many references in our company as environmental companies. This is extremely proof that we have created products that combine the highest quality and the utmost care and elegance. We make our products ourselves from our various factories and we give them to many regions including hotels, offices, restaurants while making chairs these products are very high quality and extremely natural products we offer you magnificence with these magnificent furniture where the magnificent elegance of wood, metal and fabric combine, we design our chairs in accordance with your tastes and offer longevity. We are a company of exactly 21 years and we offer solutions to product problems by working extremely diligently, our solutions are aimed at being extremely constructive. we offer solutions for the solution both with our whatsapp line and by phone call, we have been continuing by maintaining our elegance and solidity for years, we are palm furniture and we offer endless service to people, you shop with us, you get solidity with the elegance given by elegance and elegance.