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We are at your service with chair types and models used by hotels, restaurants, cafes and different places in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and Turkey. As chair maker, we offer you solid and high quality products with our production team specialized in armless and armless chairs. Metal, Wood and Plastic chair types are available on our site.

 Metal chair types have two models, with and without arms. Make your choice according to the size of the area you will use. When it comes to chairs, it is not an easy task to choose what kind of product you need among the unlimited varieties and models. The main points you need to pay attention to in the decision-making process in choosing a chair are: First of all, you should make a choice in accordance with the characteristics of the place where you will use your chair.

If the place where you will use the chair is places such as restaurants, cafes or hotels, then your chair should be able to withstand heavy traffic. In addition, the model of the product to be chosen is as important as its durability. The type of your chair should be suitable for your project. Today, great attention is paid to the multifunctionality, practicality, mobility and ergonomics of furniture. In a small room it is quite possible to purchase a chair with a transforming mechanism or a modular product consisting of several elements. Many people now prefer custom-made furniture according to individual parameters. Our Palmiye Koçak Products offer both comfort and durability to our customers within the framework of quality standards. Production is made in the dimensions and fabric properties requested by our customers.

Product Code: dks9006
Aluminum Casting Hotel Arm Chair - dks9006 - Metal Casting Chair..
Product Code: alb01
Aluminum Chair - alb01 - Garden Chair..
Product Code: alg09
Aluminum Garden Chair - alg09 - Garden Chair..
Product Code: ksa38b
Antique Beige Fabric Upholstered Classic Chair - ksa38b - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ksa155
Antique Black Nubuck Leather Upholstered Classic Chair - ksa155 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ksa24
Antique Black Upholstered Restaurant Chair - ksa24 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: mska14
Antique Painted White Fabric Upholstered Cafe Chair - mska14 - Wooden Modern Armchair..
Product Code: mska17
Antique White Upholstered Restaurant Arm Chair - mska17 - Wooden Modern Armchair..
Product Code: ksa18
Antiqued Black Leather Wooden Classic Chair - ksa18 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: mskb38
Armchair Cafe Chair with Red Velvet Fabric - mskb38 - Wooden Modern Armchair..
Product Code: pls44
Black Horizontal Sticks Plastic Chair - pls44 - Plastic Chair..
Product Code: yte158
Black Wood Leg Gray Fabric Upholstered Baklava Patterned Back Surface Polyurethane Chair - yte158 - Metal Chair..
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