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23 May post_image_Wooden Table Legs
The dining table and table legs are a delicate way to complete the design of the house. In addition, the quality of our home is not complete without wooden legs of any dining table model. Wooden dinin..
13 May post_image_Plastic Chair export
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About Plastic Chairs, it is one of the leading models in the chair industry today. The fact that they are manufactured with less cost than other types of chairs, they are lighter in terms of weight an..
11 May post_image_Tiffany Chair Models
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Being an indispensable part of weddings or organizations, Tiffany is designed as a monoblock chair with gas injection technology and polypropylene content. The product, which can be stacked in 11 piec..
11 May post_image_Bar Chair Manufacturer
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Bar Chair is the choice of our country's distinguished entertainment venues. It offers you a different and stylish design in terms of design. It is generally in demand in cafes, restaurants and bars. ..
11 May post_image_Outdoor Tables
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Outdoor chairs and tables are designed to withstand natural factors. However, some outdoor furniture may hold up better in warm, dry climates rather than cold, humid climates. Outdoor chairs and table..
11 May post_image_Kitchen Chair And Table
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The kitchen table and chair have an important place because of spending too much time in the kitchen. The kitchen is the room where the most attention and care is taken while decorating the house, you..
05 May post_image_Salmakis Hotel product
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The chair and table needs of Salmakis Hotel, which serves the valuable guests of Salmakis Hotel, were supplied by our company.Our wooden table and chair set draws attention with its comfort, comfort a..
26 Apr post_image_Table Legs Manufacturing
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Table legs are a piece of furniture that has a very important place in our lives.  Table legs, which have a very important place and importance in our lives, are designed and produced in different col..
26 Apr post_image_Folding Table Leg
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Table legs allow to use the space in the most efficient way thanks to its lockable wheels.It is especially designed for variable spaces and needs such as offices, schools, hotels and conference rooms...
25 Apr post_image_clover book cafe İstanbul fatih
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Book; it is the main structure of a nation, books inform people as well as develop them. One of the places where our books reach people is libraries. Libraries; It is the only place where people go th..
25 Apr post_image_Society Event Company Fransa- Paris
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In our shipment to France, materials were sent for 2000 Wedding Organizations. As Palmiye Koçak, we export to 71 countries in the world, it is not enough to say that we do our work diligently and prop..
19 Apr post_image_Wooden Chair Models
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Chairs; her taste and style is at the top of her possessions.Question the time filled with items that have the character that there are no items that are not just food to eat. Chairs are not in a sing..
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