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 which are used especially in fine weather and which can complement the interior furnishing of the house with their appearance. The first of these is undoubtedly the garden. In these areas, the items that provide convenience and comfort in activities such as sitting, sleeping, chatting, eating are called "Garden Furniture".

   You can get table and chair models that can be used in the gardens of detached garden houses or summer houses at affordable prices from our website. You can find wooden and plastic chair models and prices that can be used in homes and gardens on our website. garden furniture; It is made of materials such as wood, wrought iron, rattan, plastic. While choosing, you should choose furniture material according to the climatic conditions of your garden as well as the aesthetics of the furniture. Users who aim to achieve a peaceful environment with garden furniture should turn to products containing quality materials. Users who are faced with furniture that deforms quickly and does not show the desired performance, and that needs repair and renewal, are also psychologically disturbed and restless, and comfort and material options and features should be integrated with each other in garden products.

  It is important for users that the selected furniture should not cause waist, back and muscle pain. For this reason, the selection must be made carefully. Aluminum garden products, which maintain their durability despite adverse weather conditions, can be used easily for many years since they do not oxidize. Aluminum, which is a very light material due to its feature, offers users a structure that is easy to use and carry. Aluminum products, which are suitable for combination with different materials and allow stylish, aesthetic and useful designs, are also very easy to maintain. The aluminum group, which offers a comfortable use with its electrostatic paint, comfortable cushions compatible with the frame of the furniture, stain-proof and washable fabrics suitable for outdoors, is a candidate to become the favorite of the gardens. For this reason, you should pay attention to quality when choosing. Our Palmiye Koçak products provide both comfort and quality to our customers within the framework of quality standards.