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Monoblock Chair

Product Code: lms159
Beech Laminate Monoblock Chair - lms159 - Wooden Lamine Chair..
Product Code: dms075
Blue Leather Metal Cafe Chair - dms075 - Wooden Lamine Chair..
Product Code: dms071
Cafe Chair with Sliced Cream Leather Upholstered - dms071 - Wooden Lamine Chair..
Product Code: lms147
Contra Monoblock Metal Chair - lms147 - Wooden Lamine Chair..
Product Code: dms076
Cream Color Leather Upholstered Monoblock Kitchen Chair With Fine Sponge - dms076 - Monoblock Chair..
Product Code: lms142
Dark Wooden Color Monoblock Metal Chair - lms142 - Wooden Lamine Chair..
Product Code: dms070
Green Leather Upholstered Metal Chrome Chair - dms070 - Wooden Lamine Chair..
Product Code: dms074
Green Leather Upholstered Metal Chrome Kitchen Chair - dms074 - Monoblock Chair..
Product Code: lms157
Laminat Monoblok Restaurant Chair - lms157 - Wooden Lamine Chair..
Product Code: lms160
Laminate Covered Lamine Cafe Chair - lms160 - Wooden Lamine Chair..
Product Code: lms129
Laminate Monoblock Metal Leg Chair - lms129 - Wooden Lamine Chair..
Product Code: mb01
Monoblock Back and Seating Surface Metal Skeleton Metal Chair - mb01 - Monoblock Chair..
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Monoblock Chairs

You can use our Monoblock Laminate and Monoblock Polished chairs, which we manufacture Monoblock Chairs, in the dining halls of shopping malls, the dining hall of your workplaces and the canteen of your schools.

You can find plastic Monoblock chair models and prices on our website.

Monoblock Chair History;

Monoblock chairs were first produced in the United States in 1948. These chairs have been very popular and preferred by many as they are durable, light and inexpensive. In the late 1950s, plastic injection molding technology improved and Monoblock chairs became faster, stronger and easier to manufacture. Today, Monoblock chairs are produced by many different companies and companies around the world.

Monoblock Chair: Easy, Durable and Very Elegant

Monoblock chairs are lightweight and durable chairs that are produced as a single piece and are usually made of plastic. It is often used in gardens, restaurants, cafes and even homes. These have many advantages and are preferred by many people.

Easy Operation

The first plus of the monoblock chair is its easy use. Unlike other chairs that consist of two or three pieces, the product is very easy to assemble as it consists of one piece. These chairs are also very easy to stack or transport because they are so light. Therefore, usually people use it in picnics, camping and outdoor activities.

Easy Operation

Quite many years, as it is made of durable materials. Plastic materials are not affected by moisture and various other weather conditions. Therefore, there is no problem of rotting or rusting on the chairs left in the garden or on the terrace. Also, these chairs are highly resistant to breakage or scratching.


Another plus is that they are multifunctional. These chairs can be used in the garden, on the terrace, in the cafe, restaurant, meeting rooms or even at home. These chairs come in different colors and styles, so it's pretty easy to find a chair to match any indoor or outdoor decoration.

It is quite affordable compared to other chairs. Monoblock Chairs are usually sold at very low prices as they are easy to manufacture. In addition, since they are long-lasting, they provide cost savings for many years.

In conclusion;

Monoblock chair has many advantages such as ease of use, durability, versatility and being economical. These chairs are preferred by many people and used in many different places. If you are looking for a durable and economical chair, Monoblock chairs are definitely an option you should consider.