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Wire Chair

Product Code: mts45506
Wire Metal Chair Model with Wooden Leg and Leather Seating Surface - tms100 - Wire Chair..
Product Code: tms7186
Wooden Turned Legs Wire Chair with Cushion - tms7186 - Wire Chair..
Product Code: tms108
Wooden Seating Surface Wooden Back Wire Metal Chair - tms108 - Wire Chair..
Product Code: tms7111
Wooden Metal Legs Wire Chair - tms7111 - Wire Chair..
Product Code: tms101
Wooden Leg Metal Chair Model - tms101 - Wire Chair..
Product Code: tms7198
Wired Bar Chair Black Painted Leather Upholstered - tms7198 - Metal Bar Chairs..
Product Code: tms102
Wire Metal Chair With Shock Absorber - tms102 - Wire Chair..
Product Code: tms100
Wire Metal Chair Model with Wooden Leg and Leather Seating Surface - tms100 - Wire Chair..
Product Code: tms7185
Wire Chair with Wooden Legs - tms7185 - Wire Chair..
Product Code: tms7187
Wire Bar Chair - tms7187 - Wire Chair..
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We are at your service with the manufacture and types of decorative chairs with metal wires for cafes, restaurants, hotels, patisseries and dining halls.

Wire metal chairs, this furniture that is recognized as solid and durable furniture that offers a modern and industrial look. These chairs, which are generally designed to be used in industrial areas or outdoors, have become highly preferred in home decoration in recent years. For detailed information on the design and use of wire metal chairs, continue reading our article.

Design and Features

Wire metal chairs are usually made of metal frame and wire mesh. The metal frame is usually made of a thin and strong material and keeps the chair stable. Wire mesh forms the seat and back parts of the chair. These wire meshes are usually made of galvanized steel or aluminum and are highly resistant to sun, wind and rain. It is also possible for wire meshes to come in various colours, patterns and thicknesses.

The design of the wire metal chairs offers an industrial look and brings a modern touch. While these chairs add lightness and elegance to the space with their minimalist design and open wire mesh, they also offer a solid structure with their durable metal frame. Wire metal chairs can be used in many different places such as garden, terrace, cafe, restaurant or office.

Usage areas

Wire metal chairs are often used outdoors or at concerts. These chairs are widely seen at events such as garden parties, picnics, outdoor concerts or festivals. Also used in cafes, restaurants or bar-style spaces, these chairs provide a modern and industrial chic and look.

In recent years, wire mesh chairs have also become popular in home decoration. These chairs are a very suitable choice for those who love the minimalist style. Wire mesh chairs, usually in white or black, can be a great choice for a modern living room or dining room.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Wire metal chairs are very easy to maintain. The metal frame can be wiped with a damp cloth and cleaned of dust. Wire mesh, on the other hand, can be easily cleaned by wiping with a soapy and watery cloth. In addition, it is very important to regularly maintain the wire mesh so that it does not rust.