Chairs, which are preferred in sections such as kitchen, dining room, balcony, terrace and offices due to their comfort, lightness and small footprint, are the most useful complements of indoor and outdoor furniture. Chairs that are  broken and worn out due to long-term use, exposure to humidity and sunlight can be easily repaired and reused with methods suitable for their material and place of use. For example, wooden chairs used in kitchens and balconies may crack and break due to continuous use and humidity, and deformations in the foot sections can be easily removed by applying the right method. For this, first the crack should be cleaned by lightly sanding, then two layers of a suitable wood glue should be applied and the broken pieces should be interlocked.

   Although wood glue, which is often preferred as an adhesive, is suitable for wooden materials that will not be subjected to weight, it is not a good choice for chair legs. Therefore, special adhesives for this work should be obtained from construction markets. In order to restore the chair in a weight-resistant way, the broken parts of the chair legs must be pressed together until the glue dries, vices can be used for this work. After the adhesive dries, sanding and wood filling operations are performed to remove the crack marks and adhesive residues in the bonding area. The broken part is covered by using a filling material or covering paint suitable for the color of the wood. Apart from breakage, wear of the upholstery and connection screws is also a common problem, so you can get professional support from places that deal with chair and furniture upholstery, or you can easily repair it yourself. Before starting the repair, loose and worn screws should be identified and removed without damaging the wood. After the connection points are opened, the upholstery material should be removed, after the surface is cleaned, the upholstery fabric filled with a suitable filling material should be fixed on the chair base. After the fabric edges are sewn, it can be fixed to the chair surface with silicone or by using thin wood nails or fasteners. Then, the screws that were removed at the beginning are replaced with new ones and attached.

   Apart from wooden chairs, you can also repair plastic chairs yourself. Plastic chairs, especially used outdoors, can wear out due to heat, sunlight and humidity. In order to use the chairs for a long time and to prevent discoloration, not leaving them under direct sunlight is a method of preventing damage. In cases such as breakage and cracking, the damaged surface is covered with a mixture of silicone or Japanese adhesive + carbonate, and the adhesive is kept pressed until it dries.

   Chairs and height-adjustable computer stools used in offices can also wear out over time. Especially the wheel and hydraulic height adjuster parts are the parts that fail frequently. In order to eliminate these malfunctions, the chair is turned upside down. The wheels are checked for looseness or breakage. If it needs to be renewed, the wheels are replaced with new ones. It is examined whether the pedal of the hydraulic lift part works properly and whether the chair table is properly seated on the lower part of the chair. Damaged parts are repaired, loose parts are fixed and unusable parts are replaced.