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19 Dec
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02 Dec
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24 May Portugal Setubal Exports
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Portugal Setubal exports to 71 countries in the world as Palmiye Koçak. Our sent products have been properly stacked by being covered and wrapped in a way that will not break and scratch. With custome..
25 Apr Society Event Company Fransa- Paris
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In our shipment to France, materials were sent for 2000 Wedding Organizations. As Palmiye Koçak, we export to 71 countries in the world, it is not enough to say that we do our work diligently and prop..
12 Feb New Blog Post
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10 Jan New Blog Post
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08 Jan Y23 Wedding Hall Pendik
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It is a wedding hall preferred by couples who will take the first step to marriage in Pendik. Y23 Organization Wedding and Invitation Salon wedding hall accessories, birthday accessories, wedding hall..
08 Jan Üsküdar Municipality Bosphorus Social Facilities
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Üsküdar Municipality Bosphorus Social Facilitiesr's gold tiffany chairs, banquet table covers, rannas, economic wooden restaurant chairs, outdoor rattan chairs, restaurant tables, servants, polyuretha..
07 Jan Ti Amo Wedding and Events Pendik Istanbul
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Ti Amo Wedding & Invitation Saloon Continues activity in Istanbul Pendik, has bright and modern decor, state-of-the-art light, sound and vision systems, preparing an unforgettable evening for you on t..
05 Jan Sormaz Group Ormantepe Tesisleri Eskişehir
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Eskişehir Mahmudiye serves as a restaurant, cafe and wedding hall for its valued guests Sormaz Group Ormantepe Facilities's products from our firm:Bride groom chairFerforje chairWhite polyurethane cha..
05 Jan Sidoma Wedding Hall
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Sidoma Wedding Hall Metal Chair, Tablecloth, Runner, Round Table needs from our company...
05 Jan Şaşmaz Wedding Hall Ataşehir
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