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21 Oct Production and Sales of Office Furniture of Karmod Prefabricated Building Company
02 Oct Karaisalı Chair
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Adana Karaisalı The city of Karaisalı in Adana is often mentioned by the ruins of the Roman period. Especially in the southern part of the town of Karaisalı, the Mytilene region is home to historical ..
02 Oct Karatas Chair
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Karataş district of Adana has become a tourist destination both with its surface area and with its many historical places and natural beauties. States from the past to the present day, often referred ..
02 Oct Kozan Chair
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Kozan district of Adana is one of the most important land parts of our country in the strategic context. Because there is an Anavarza-Sis-Kayseri trade route extending from Mesopotamia to Central Anat..
02 Oct Ceyhan Chair
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Ceyhan, which is one of the most famous districts of Adana, has a history of approximately 9 thousand years. Hittites, Assyrians, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Roman Empire and Byzantine civilizations ruled..
02 Oct Sarıçam Chair
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The history of Sarıçam, which has the most fertile and rich lands in the Mediterranean Region, dates back to 1000s BC. It is known that many civilizations prevailed in this region during the historica..
02 Oct Cukurova Chair
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The first thing that comes to mind when it is called Çukurova district of Adana is the Kingdom of Kitvanza. When the Kingdom of Kitvanza, which reigned in this region in time, fell under the rule of t..
02 Oct İmamoğlu Chair
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With its many historical monuments, Imamoglu district of Adana has succeeded to enter the area of interest of thousands of tourists every year. The region serves as a culmination of civilization with ..
02 Oct Pozantı Chair
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Adana Pozantı Adana Pozantı district is known as a very important region in terms of Turkish history. For this reason, it is of great importance for our nation to learn about the historical and cultur..
02 Oct Adana Seyhan Chair Manufacturing
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Seyhan district, which shows itself as the central district of Adana province, attracts many visitors every year with its visual beauty and historical texture.The feature of the Seyhan district is tha..
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