The chairs you use in offices, hotels, cafes, private institutions and establishments can get dirty and stained very often. You don't have to worry about this, for the chair that used to be cleaned only with soapy water, there are now a wide variety of cleaning products and possibilities with the developing technology. There are different stain removal processes according to the material it is produced, There may be stains on the display products of chairs or furniture companies. Care should be taken while buying them or if they are noticed after they are taken, they can be taken care of with a simple process. 

 Sandals are different in terms of the materials they produce. The wicker, wooden and plastic models are in the rarest. Textiles may also be available on your chairs. There may also be stains on the fabrics you make with cushions and dressing techniques. Cleaning stains that may form on the chair vary according to the kinds of stains as well as the types of the chairs. Especially in cafes, restaurants, restaurants or cushions of your kitchen cabinets, etc. most meals. You will encounter stains. For example, if the coffee bean has not yet fully penetrated the fabric, it may be useful to pour salt on it. If you have used a white fabric, wiping it with oxygenated water on your chair may work. You can also use bleach as a last resort. Colored fabric cushions may work well with a little glycerin and warm water. If your sandals are wood and polished, you should absolutely clean the stained areas with oxygenated water. You need to wash the stained area again with ammonia water. The old method will not work if you wash the soapy water by adding bleach. Plastic chairs are more advantageous for cleaning. When you wash with bleach and cloth usually stains appear. In addition, stain formation is less. For plastic chairs, however, you will not be able to remove it with a mixture of lemon juice, white vinegar and slightly ammonia water. There are also different cleaning products in the handkerchief stores. You can also get these.

Different cleaning products are also available in chair shops. You can also get these.

Of course you can remove the stains on the chairs with the products in your home. But you should pay attention when applying them. Especially in your wooden model chairs and chair fabrics you will apply stain removal methods can lead to different problems. The stains may increase even more. For this reason, many buildings sell products related to these markets. In places such as cafes where the use of chairs is the greatest, you can prevent the formation of permanent stains by applying periodic cleaning procedures. If you are buying a chair, especially from fabricators, ask for information on cleaning and stain removal. You will have control of any stain problems you may encounter in the future.