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Wooden Stool

Product Code: abt06
Wooden Stool Quilted - abt06 - Stools..
Product Code: atb04
Wooden Stick Antiqued Painted Stool - atb04 - Stools..
Product Code: atb13
Wicker Lukens Leg Wooden Stool - atb13 - Stools..
Product Code: atb12
Wicker Antiqued Painted Stool - atb12 - Stools..
Product Code: atb02
White Lacquered Painted Wooden Thonet Stool - atb02 - Stools..
Product Code: atb03
Walnut Painted Wood Thonet Cafe Restaurant Stool - atb03 - Stools..
Product Code: atb07
Square Wood Stool - atb07 - Stools..
Product Code: abt01
Quilted Wooden Stool - abt01 - Stools..
Product Code: atb05
Pine Wooden Square Stool - atb05 - Stools..
Product Code: atb09
Natural Painted Square Wood Stool - atb09 - Stools..
Product Code: abt02
Modern Wooden Bar Stool - abt02 - Stools..
Product Code: abt04
Masifpan Wood Stool - abt04 - Stools..
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Wooden Stools

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wooden stools - an often ergonomic and versatile furniture zone in the house. wooden stools, depending on the model, offer additional seating, provide equal storage space, footrest, step and are eye-catching and extremely space-saving. Since they are quite ergonomic, they can fit anywhere and I really make it very easy to get these mini furniture that can be used comfortably.

These chairs, which attract attention with their structures that do not take up space, are very ergonomic in appearance and size, as they are in mini sizes, the structures that are eye-catching for very stylish properties are very stylish.

- Easy to Clean

- Logistics Service

- 24/7 Solution and Help Service

- Durability and Longevity

- Private tutor

- Ergonomic, Does Not Take Up Space

Palmiye Koçak Furniture Wooden Stools are very solid, stylish, elegant and original due to the extremely A-level quality of our products. We have been a leader in this country for 21 years when they are of high quality. Because of this level, we export internationally. We export to Turkey and the World. This is an example of how leading we are. We do not have wholesale and retail sale of our Palmiye Koçak furniture products. furniture Palmiye Koçak furniture wooden stools groups style, size, color etc. With our customization options, we offer you your own elegance with our products, we offer you our products with durability, elegance, elegance, original Palmiye Koçak furniture,

wooden stools models, wicker, portable and rattan stools etc. You can get information from us for our wooden stool models in any desired size and size. Cushions are produced from High Density sponge that does not collapse. If you wish, you can use it as a stool or as a coffee table where you can put your tea or coffee. Palm Koçak furniture adds durability.