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Bistro Table

Product Code: ktm63
Wooden Color Thick Mdf Lam Table Top Stainless Steel Cocktail Table - ktm63 - Cocktail Table..
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White Werzalit Table Top with Chromium Stone Leg Bistro Table - ktm74 - Cocktail Table..
Product Code: ktm78
White Painted Lathe Leg Glass Table with Bistro - ktm78 - Cocktail Table..
Product Code: ktm62
White Mdflam Table Top Stainless Steel Cocktail Table - ktm62 - Cocktail Table..
Product Code: ktm61
Werzalit Table Top Stainless Steel Leg Bistro Table - ktm61 - Cocktail Table..
Product Code: ktm67
Werzalit Table Top Stainless Leg Folding Cocktail Table - ktm67 - Cocktail Table..
Product Code: ktm66
Upholstered Polished Stainless Leg Cocktail Table - ktm66 - Cocktail Table..
Product Code: ktm65
Star Leg Werzalit Table Top Bistro Coctail Table - ktm65 - Cocktail Table..
Product Code: ktm83
Star Leg Stainless Table Top Cocktail Bistro Table - ktm83 - Cocktail Table..
Product Code: ktm71
Stainless Rounded Leg Werzalit Table Top Bistro Table - ktm71 - Cocktail Table..
Product Code: ktm82
Square Glass Stainless Leg Cocktail Table - ktm82 - Cocktail Table..
Product Code: ktm64
Polished Natural Upholstered Stainless Round Base Cocktail Table - ktm64 - Cocktail Table..
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Bistro table

Bistro Table: Big Impact with Small Dimensions

The bistro table takes its name from the small restaurants and cafes on the streets of 19th century Paris. These types of families were masterpiece places where local people visited for a quick meal and also a drink. The bistro tables, which are an unforgettable part of these places, are from homes today. It is used in many different places from offices, restaurants to cafes, hotel foyers to cocktail organizations.

Bistro Table Versatile Use

The compact size of the bistro table makes them a versatile option. Bistro tables, especially for cafes and officials with limited space, will be the right choice in terms of both multi-functionality and appearance. However, this does not limit the usage limitations of the tables.

Bistro tables offer a practical and stylish option for events such as hotel foyers and cocktail organizations. The often limited space and high impact numbers at these types of events can make the compact and functional design of bistro tables incredible. In addition to providing a space for guests to put food and alternative practice. Bistro tables also create a natural zone for social interaction.

Bistro Table Bistro Tables in Homes and Commercial Spaces

These tables are also very popular in homes. In the kitchen, on the balcony or on the terrace, a bistro table emerges, a warm and friendly dining area. It is also used as a bistro table, a desk or a side table. However, bistro tables are used in various ways in commercial spaces. Businesses in restaurants, cafes, venues and other service industries benefit from both the functional and aesthetic services of these desks.

Bistro Table Features;

  • Small and Intimate Atmosphere: Bistro kitchens often offer a small and intimate setting. Ideal for living that prefers a warmer and more relaxing atmosphere.
  • Limited Menu: Bistro restaurants usually have a limited menu. This is because the food is prepared with fresh and high quality ingredients and the shaping is somehow preserved. Thus, he takes care of a meal separately.
  • Local and Seasonal Ingredients: Bistro cuisines often emphasize local and seasonal ingredients. It aims to serve fresh and delicious food. Thus, you will have the chance to experience regional flavors.

As a result of the Bistro Table;

Despite small children, bistro tables make a big difference in any venue. These tables are rich in both functional and aesthetic appearances. It reveals what's designed and material properties to help adapt to any decoration design. Whether in homes, hotel foyers or cocktail organizations. Bistro tables are an indispensable piece of furniture in various spaces.