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Outdoor Table

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Metal Leg Compact Table - cmp943 - Outdoor Compact Table..
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Aluminum Cast Leg Compact Table for four - cmp977 - Outdoor Compact Table..
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Aluminum Cast Leg Garden Chair - ikm1031 - Iroko Tables..
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Aluminum Cast Leg Garden Chair - ikm10301 - Iroko Tables..
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Black Round Four-Leg Rattan Table - alcm1019c - Rattan Tables..
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Brown Colored Rattan Table - alcm1013b - Rattan Tables..
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Cafe Table with Stainless Steel Legs - cmp947 - Outdoor Compact Table..
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Cast Iron Leg Iroko Cafe Table - ikm1304 - Iroko Tables..
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Compact Table Top Center Leg Table - cmp962 - Outdoor Compact Table..
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Compact Table Top Stainless Square Leg Cafe Table - cmp948 - Outdoor Compact Table..
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Compact Table with Casting Leg - cmp975 - Outdoor Compact Table..
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Compact Table with Chrome Legs - cmp949 - Outdoor Compact Table..
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Outdoor Tables

"Outdoor Tables: Technical Details and Usage Recommendations"

Outdoor tables play an important role in public places such as hotels, cafes and restaurants. At the same time, they are used in private residences and outdoors such as gardens, balconies and terraces. Durability, functionality and aesthetics are key factors in choosing outdoor furniture. They are produced using a range of materials such as iroko, teak, cast iron and aluminum, marble, aluminum, rattan and injection rattan knitting. This article will cover the technical details of different outdoor table materials and recommendations for their use.

Outdoor Tables Features;

Iroko and Teak: Where Durability and Natural Beauty Meet

Iroko and teak are a popular and highly preferred choice for outdoor tables due to their durability, natural beauty and weather resistance. These wood types show high resistance against external factors such as rain, sun and humidity. In addition, the risk of encountering problems such as cracking, breakage or discoloration is minimized.

Teak is especially preferred in luxury outdoor furniture. Its golden-brown color and rich texture create a relaxed atmosphere and provide peaceful relaxation. Iroko, on the other hand, is an alternative with teak-like properties and is a more economical option.

The maintenance of such wooden tables is quite easy with a wood preservative to be applied periodically. This helps preserve the natural beauty of the wood and prolongs its life.

Cast Iron and Aluminum: Elegans and Durability

These cast iron and aluminum tables attract attention with their durability and elegant appearance. Since iron is a heavy and solid material, it remains stable and comfortable even in windy areas. However, the excessive weight of the iron and the potential risk of corrosion make it preferable to cast aluminum.

Aluminum die-cast tables are quite durable despite their light weight. There is no rusting problem and they are usually protected by powder coating or electrostatic paint. This method of painting prevents color fading and is weatherproof of aluminum

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Outdoor Tables As a result;

It is important to consider the properties of the material and the conditions of the place where it will be used in the selection of outdoor tables. As well as aesthetic preferences, durability, maintenance needs and price are also factors that affect the decision. In any case, the choice of table should be made in a way that helps users maximize the atmosphere and comfort of the space.