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Hospital Sleeper Chairs

Product Code: hkv6854
Purple Fabric Quilted Folding Companion Chair - hkv6854 - Hospital Sleeper Chairs..
Product Code: hkv6861
Patterned Fabric Lukens Wooden Leg Companion Chair - hkv6861 - Hospital Sleeper Chairs..
Product Code: hkv6859
P-arm Folding Companion Chair - hkv6859 - Hospital Sleeper Chairs..
Product Code: hkv6370
Open from Side Hospital Companion Chair - hkv6370 - Hospital Sleeper Chairs..
Product Code: hkv6856
Modern Fabric Companion Chair - hkv6856 - Hospital Sleeper Chairs..
Product Code: hkv6372
Modern Companion Chair - hkv6372 - Hospital Sleeper Chairs..
Product Code: hkv6853
Metal Leg Companion Chair with Coffee Table - hkv6853 - Hospital Sleeper Chairs..
Product Code: hkv6858
Metal Frame Otel Companion Chair - hkv6858 - Hospital Sleeper Chairs..
Product Code: hkv6857
Metal Frame Hospital Companion Chair - hkv6857 - Hospital Sleeper Chairs..
Product Code: hkv6860
Lukens Leg Folding Classic Companion Chair - hkv6860 - Hospital Sleeper Chairs..
Product Code: hkv6363
Hospital Hotel Companion Chair - hkv6363 - Hospital Sleeper Chairs..
Product Code: hkv6365
Gray Fabric Folding Companion Chair for Two - hkv6365 - Hospital Sleeper Chairs..
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Companion Seat

Companion Chair: Comfort and Practicality Together

The companion chair, which is used both in hospitals and hotels and in many other areas, is a design wonder that combines comfort and functionality. These seats are specially designed to support a person's long stays and provide comfort while spending time with a patient or loved ones.

Accompanying Chair Features;

Comfortable and Durable Design

Companion seats should offer not only comfort but also durability. It should be made of sturdy materials to support long-term use and provide enough comfort for a person to sit for hours. Cushioning, body weight evenly to the wearer. Designed to disperse and long-term use. It even retains its shape.

Multifunctional Features

Many companion seats offer a range of functional features. For example, some can be flattened so that they can also be used as beds. This feature allows the companion to spend the night with the patient. Other features include adjustable back and footrests, folding armrests and integrated storage spaces.

Hygiene and Easy Maintenance

It is very important that the furniture used in areas such as hospitals and hotels is hygienic. Companion seats should have stain-resistant and easily cleanable coverings. It should also be resistant to spills and abrasions to facilitate regular cleaning and maintenance.

Aesthetic Harmony

Aesthetic harmony is another important feature of companion seats. These armchairs should be in harmony with the general decoration and color palette of a hospital or hotel room. Neutral tones usually fit a wide range of colours, but in some cases they are custom-ordered to match a particular color scheme or decorating style.

Ergonomics and User-Friendly Design

Finally, companion seats should be user-friendly and ergonomic. It should be designed to support the sitting and lying positions of the user. Easy-to-use mechanisms allow one to change the seat position quickly and easily. For example, by pressing a button or pulling a lever, it is possible to adjust the seat's back support or convert it into a bed. Such features can significantly increase the comfort of the companion and make long stays more comfortable.


Companion seats must be accessible and easy to use. This means that the companion can easily get in and out of the seat and quickly change their sitting or lying position. This feature is especially important for the elderly or companions with limited mobility.

Durability and Quality

Companion seats are designed and constructed to withstand heavy use and prolonged wear. Quality materials and sturdy construction ensure that a seat can last for years and offer constant comfort and support to its companions. Quality and durability also increase the value of an investment in a companion seat.

In conclusion;

Whether in a hospital room or a hotel lobby. Companion seats offer comfort, functionality and aesthetics to users. The design and features of these seats allow the companions to take care of themselves while supporting their loved ones. Companion seats should be designed to be both user-friendly and durable. Factors such as hygiene, aesthetic fit, accessibility and durability determine the success of this type of seat. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to these features when purchasing a companion seat. Such an investment can significantly improve the quality of life of attendants and patients.