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Glass Table

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White Lake Turned Metal Legged Restaurant Table - mty8105 - Metal Leg Table..
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Stainless Steel Leg Glass Hotel Table - mtm4038 - Metal Leg Table..
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Stainless Round Based Glass Table - mty8102 - Metal Leg Table..
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Stainless Round Base Round Glass Table - cms10 - Glass Table..
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Stainless Leg Cafe Glass Table - mtd7517 - Metal Leg Table..
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Round Table with Wooden Legs - cms04 - Glass Table..
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Round Table with Chrome Leg - cms07 - Glass Table..
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Round Glass Table with Stainless Leg - cms11 - Glass Table..
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Round Glass Stainless Steel Leg Table - mty8103 - Metal Leg Table..
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Round Chrome Bases Glass Table - cms09 - Glass Table..
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Rectangular Glass Table - cms05 - Glass Table..
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Lathe Leg Metal Base Round Glass Table - mty8106 - Glass Table..
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Glass Table

Glass Table: Elegance and Versatility of Transparency

The glass table is with elegant looks, modern aesthetics and space saving abilities. It is a popular option in venues of all types. Glass as a contemporary design element, with its light and open feel. It often makes small spaces more spacious and full of air. In addition, with such magnificent products, you will have an endless elegance and elegance in your spaces, come on, you are invited to this elegance.

Glass Table Usage Areas

Cafes and Restaurants;

Glass tables in cafes and Christians create a stylish and modern ambiance. The transparent structure of the glass, a simple and spacious feel, also easily blends in with the back dimension of the space. Also, glass patterns are easily erased. This is an advantage in food and beverage venues that offer fast service.

The glass table also provides the perfect backdrop to protect other elements in the space, especially food presentations. This allows you to focus on eating and drinking and thus to appreciate the food more.


In hotels, glass tables are used in a number of different areas, from the lobby to the private rooms. Lobby rooms large glass tables or coffee tables often create an elegant focal point and also birds, flowers. Or it provides an ideal surface for displaying pieces such as works of art.

Special hotel programs, small glass side tables or coffee tables often add a modern and stylish twist. While these create lightness and commands in the room, they also provide a practical surface.

Other Locations;

Offices, conference rooms, shopping malls and many other places adopt the perspective of glass desks. In offices, glass meeting tables often provide a modern and professional look. In shopping malls, large glass tables are generally used to display products.

The use of glass tables adds an aesthetic value to any space that seeks a transparent and impressive appearance. However, due to the fragility of the glass. It is not important to maintain and clean such tables, as well as to regularly maintain them.

Also Features;

  • Transparent and Durable: The glass table has a transparent body and thanks to this feature, it offers a stylish design without spoiling the general appearance of the structure. In addition, the glass material has a durable and solid structure.
  • Aesthetic Design: The glass table offers a modern and elegant look. The transparent inner surface reveals the upper limits of its spaciousness and breadth. Complements minimalist or contemporary decorations.
  • Easy to Clean: The glass surface offers a feature that facilitates cleaning. A simple cloth or glass cleaning spray is used to quickly remove liquid detergents, dust and dirt.
  • Various Style Options: The glass table can be found in different styles and configurations. Various structures are available, such as square, detailed, round or oval. It can also be bought separately by adding patterns or prints on the glass.

In conclusion;

As a result, glass tables are modern aesthetics. They are a popular choice in cafes, restaurants, hotels and other venues due to their versatility and practicality.