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Cafe Tables

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Jacaranda Metal Stainless Leg Table..
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Wooden Table with Metal Stainless Legs..
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12mm Marble Look Metal Legs Square Compact Laminate Table 1st Class - pmp100 - Outdoor Compact Table..
MDF Lam yıldız ayaklı Masa
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MDF Lam yıldız ayaklı MasaMDF Lam yıldız ayaklı MasaGenişlikOturum YüksekliğiDerinlikYükseklik  75cm 75cm   70cm 75cm İsteğe özel olarak malzeme cinsinde (ahşap,boya,kumaş,deri) ve ürün ölçülerinde değişiklik yapılabilir...
MDF Lam Masa
Product Code: cmp96399
MDF Lam MasaMDF Lam MasaGenişlikOturum YüksekliğiDerinlikYükseklik 70cm 70cm 75cm 70cmİsteğe özel olarak malzeme cinsinde (ahşap,boya,kumaş,deri) ve ürün ölçülerinde değişiklik yapılabilir...
Indoor Beech Retro Leg Round Table
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Indoor Beech Retro Leg Round Table - cmp942 - Wooden Modern Table..
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Wooden Walnut Colorful Round Cafe Table - mty8080 - Metal Leg Table..
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Wooden Table Top Metal Stainless Steel Leg Table - mtd7537 - Metal Leg Table..
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Wooden Painted Table Top Stainless Steel Star Leg Cafe Table - mtm4033 - Metal Leg Table..
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Wood Table Top Stainless Steel - mtd7514 - Metal Leg Table..
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Wood Table Gray Metal Painted Interior Table - mtd7542 - Metal Leg Table..
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Wood Log Table Top Metal Leg Restaurant Table - mtd7531 - Metal Leg Table..
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Cafe Tables

Cafe Tables: A Guide to Variety, Selection and Use

Cafe tables are important elements that determine the general ambiance and style of your business. When choosing between different types of materials and styles used both indoors and outdoors, you must consider factors such as durability, maintenance, aesthetics and cost.

Indoor Cafe Tables

Indoor cafe tables often offer more aesthetic variety. These tables are usually made of wood, metal, glass, marble or a mixture of materials.

Wooden Tables: Wooden tables offer warmth and a natural aesthetic. Hardwoods (oak, maple) are durable and more scratch resistant. However, wood absorbs liquids and wears out over time. In addition, the surface of the cafe tables should be generally flat and easy to clean and stain-free. The surfaces of the tables should be resistant to scratches and stains and should be a material that is cleaned regularly.

Metal Tables: Metal tables are generally preferred in an industrial or modern decoration. Stainless steel or aluminum, durable and easy to clean. However, metal becomes sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.

Glass Tables: Glass tables offer a sophisticated look. It's easy to clean and makes small spaces look larger. However, glass is susceptible to scratches and breakage.

Marble Tables: Marble offers a luxurious and elegant look. Each piece is unique, but marble is expensive and susceptible to stains.

Outdoor Cafe Tables

Outdoor cafe tables are made of weatherproof materials. They are usually made of plastic, metal, rattan or stone.

Plastic Tables: Plastic tables are light, inexpensive, and easy to maintain. However, their color fades over time when exposed to sunlight.

Metal Tables: Tables made of aluminum or stainless steel are strong and well-structured against weather conditions. However, metal is sensitive to temperature changes and its comfort is reduced in hot weather conditions. However, Cafe tables come in different shapes. The most common are rectangular, square and round shapes. Some cafes use tables of different shapes for change and variety.

Rattan Tables: Rattan is light and flexible. Natural rattan is more suitable for indoor use because it is sensitive to moisture and water. Synthetic rattan, on the other hand, is more durable for outdoor use.

Stone Tables: Stone tables, such as granite or concrete, are heavy and extremely weather resistant. However, you should consider that the stone can be expensive and difficult to maintain.

In addition to the material type of the tables, shapes and sizes also offer a lot of variety. Tables are available in different shapes and sizes, such as square, rectangular, round or oval. The choice will depend on the size, layout and overall aesthetic ambiance of your space.

Cafe Tables Selection Tips

Evaluate Your Space: Carefully measure the spaces in your interior and exterior. There should be sufficient space between the table and chairs to maintain range of motion and a comfortable seating arrangement. In addition, the legs of the cafe tables are important to ensure that the table stands in balance and to increase its durability. The feet are usually made of sturdy metal or wood and are equipped with non-slip soles.

Determine Your Style: Determine the general decoration style of your cafe and choose appropriate tables and chairs. You can choose between different styles such as rustic, modern, industrial, minimalist or classic.

Consider Durability: Durability is important, especially for outdoor furniture. Furniture must be resistant to weathering, abrasion and scratches.

Consider Maintenance and Cleaning: Tables that can be cleaned quickly and easily save time and effort for cafe operators. Especially in a high-traffic cafe, quick cleaning and maintenance is critical to speeding up customer service.

As a result, cafe tables determine the general atmosphere, comfort and functionality of your business. The choice of materials depends on the overall style of the space, its needs and budget. A good choice will elevate the overall experience of your cafe, making your customers' visits more enjoyable. Therefore, choosing the right cafe table is a critical step for a successful business.

Layout of Cafe Tables

The placement of cafe tables affects both the customer experience and the operation of the business. The placement of tables depends on the size, shape and overall layout of the space. The layout of the cafe tables can affect the flow and order in the cafe, so you can be sure that you will keep the layout and comfort at the highest level with our tables.

Consider Flow: It is important to create a correct flow within the cafe. Tables and chairs should be placed strategically so that both customers and staff can move freely. This both increases the service speed and prevents possible accidents. However, some cafesmay prefer portable desks to relocate or rearrange desks when necessary. Such desks are generally light and easy to transport.

Optimize Customer Experience: Create different seating areas targeting different types of customers. For example, single desks are ideal for freelancers or study students, while large desks are suitable for groups or meetings. Also, offer options to customers who prefer to sit in a quieter corner or more lively space.

Maintain Visual Aesthetics: Tables and chairs add to the overall look of your cafe. Choose furniture in the right size, shape and style and create a neat layout with Cafe Tables. Symmetry and balance create visual appeal.

Cafe Tables Features and Customization

Cafe tables can reflect the brand identity and aesthetic style of your business. Features and customizations can make desks more functional and unique. Along with this; Cafe tables are usually made of various materials such as wood, metal, glass or plastic. The choice of materials is usually made to match the style and decoration of the cafe.

Foldable Tables: Foldable tables are ideal in small spaces or where flexible seating arrangements are required. They are easily stored when not needed and quickly create additional seating.

Customized Tables: Customized tables with your cafe's logo or a specific design can strengthen your brand. This gives customers an unforgettable experience and increases your brand awareness. Moreover; The surface of cafe tables generally needs to be a smooth and easy-to-clean material. The surfaces of the tables should be resistant to scratches and stains and should be a material that is cleaned regularly.

Height Adjustable Desks: You can use height adjustable desks to serve different customer needs. This is suitable for both standard chairs and high stools.

Add-ons: Additional features such as umbrella holes, menu holders or tablets make tables more functional and improve the customer experience.

Features of Iroko Cafe Tables;

  • Durability: Iroko wood is a naturally durable material. The Iroko material used for cafe tables is very durable against rot, insects and various external factors and is a great product that offers long years of use.
  • Natural Appearance: The characteristic feature of iroko wood is that it has a warm and rich color. The Iroko material used for cafe tables provides a natural and aesthetic appearance. The wood texture and color tones on the tables add a natural touch to the atmosphere of the cafe. and so you and your customers will be happier and more peaceful. That's why you always choose us.
  • Easy Maintenance: Iroko wood has an easy-to-edit surface. The Iroko material used for cafe tables will last a long time with regular cleaning and simple maintenance. Just wipe it regularly and apply a proper polishing treatment to protect the wood.
  • Resistant: Iroko wood has a natural resistance to water and humid environments. This feature allows cafe tables to be used indoors and outdoors. Iroko material has a structure that is not affected by external factors such as humidity, rain or sunlight. and so you can use it as you wish and it is a great material that offers you a long life of use.
  • Various Design Options: Iroko wood is a suitable material for shaping. Therefore, cafe tables made of Iroko material offer different design options. It is produced in various shapes such as rectangular, square or round. Also, the machinability of the Iroko material allows it to be customized by adding different patterns and details.
  • Warmth Transmission: Iroko material has a surface that feels warm when you touch it. Therefore, Iroko tables help create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Eco-Friendly: The iroko tree is a species that is considered a sustainable resource. Iroko material, obtained from well-managed forests, is preferred as an environmentally friendly option.
  • Design and Usage Areas
  • Since the style, atmosphere and customer base of each cafe are different, cafe tables should have a wide range of designs and materials. Choosing designs that suit the needs and aesthetics of a particular space both increases the customer experience and determines the general atmosphere of the space.

Indoor Cafe Tables:

Wooden Tables: Wooden tables are ideal for cafes that want to create a traditional and relaxed atmosphere. Wood gives a warm and inviting feel and comes in a variety of styles and colours.

Glass Tables: Glass tables are ideal for a stylish and modern look. Glass gives a space a feeling of spaciousness and openness, but needs to be cleaned regularly.

Metal Tables: Metal tables are preferred for a modern or industrial style. Such tables are durable and are usually easy to clean.Outdoor Cafe Tables:
Aluminum or Stainless Steel Tables: Designed for outdoor use, these tables are highly weather resistant and generally light and portable, allowing for easy arrangement.

Polypropylene (Plastic) Tables: These types of tables are generally light, portable and highly sheltered from weather conditions. Plus, they're available in a range of colors so they blend easily into a cafe's color scheme.

Wooden Outdoor Tables: For a more natural look, wooden outdoor tables that are specially designed to be weatherproof are used. These desks are usually heavy and sturdy and with the right care they can last a long time.

The design and layout of your cafe tables directly affects your customer experience, so be sure to choose the one that best suits your space and clientele. Mixing and matching different types of materials, sizes and styles is a great way to create a cafe environment that is both functional and aesthetically appealing.