Chairs are the most important furniture in terms of our health. Especially, the kinds of chairs used in business life are important because we spend most of our time.

The waist can cause many discomforts, such as a neck stiffness. Of course, when we sit on the chairs, we can not say that the chairs think of our health.

However, we are committed to making the chairs healthy and long lasting.

For example, when a chairman takes a chair by hand, we look for warranty, orthopedic qualities and quality. Because we know that you will bear us for a long time.

It is very important where we use the chair that we have received. The office chairs I use in the office are very different from the working chairs, kitchen chairs or dining table chairs we use in our homes.

Their differences, of course, also make our seating type and care different.


Wood and metal accessories. Wooden chairs are more difficult to maintain. Maybe they can make less problems than metal ones.

Though we can say that for old wooden chairs. Because most of the wooden chairs produced are  with the machine system and fast production and use of poor quality material.

Rattan Enjeksiyon Sandalyeler Dış Mekanlarda Uzun Ömür Olması Dolayısı İle Tercih Edilirler.

If the chair is wood, you can paint it again if there is a scratch on the stain.

You can also have long-life wooden chairs by varnishing.

The seller usually does not give you maintenance information when you buy the products.

Rust removers can be used for maintenance of metal footed chairs, especially those used in offices or kitchens. In these types of chairs, the screws or connections must be checked in the seat area.

Jammed Wheels of Chairs and the parts of Swivel chairs problems must be solve. There may also be voices and blockages at these points.

Lubrication of these areas and the use of special care gurus are also suitable. There are also different maintenance methods for bamboo and wicker chairs.

You would not think much about buying a chair. But you will think for long life after you have taken it.

You do not know how to handle problems like maintenance, breakage.

Chairs are not only in your home and office, but also in your business such as business, restaurant, and hotel.

It is also used frequently in such enterprises. You can not change them often, but you can make them last longer by taking care of them.

Your outdoor chairs need to be cleaned frequently. Do not neglect the cleanliness of the sunlight in order to minimize damage from rainfall.

Little knowledge about the care of your chairs will not give you economic losses