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Rectangular Self Storing Leaves Iroko Garden Table - btkd235 - Iroko Tables..
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Rectangular Self Storing Leaves Garden Tables - ikm1306 - Garden Tables..
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Oval Iroko Garden Table - ikm1305 - Iroko Tables..
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Octagon Metal Leg Iroko Table - ikm1255 - Iroko Tables..
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Iroko Table with Stainless Legs - ikm1303 - Iroko Tables..
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Iroko Table with Foldable Leg - ikm1253 - Iroko Tables..
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Iroko Table with Black Cast Leg - ikm1302 - Iroko Tables..
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Iroko Table for Four - ikm1300 - Iroko Tables..
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Iroko Table - ikm1251 - Iroko Tables..
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Iroko Self Storing Leaves Garden Table - btk0235 - Iroko Tables..
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Iroko Restaurant Garden Table - ikm1252 - Iroko Tables..
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Iroko Octagon Cafe Table - ikm1256 - Iroko Tables..
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Garden Table

Garden Table: Diversity and Outdoor Durability

The garden table is an indispensable part of the outdoors. These tables both meet a functional need and determine the general aesthetics and atmosphere of the garden. Using many different materials such as iroko, pine, teak, aluminum, rattan knitting, plastic rattan injection, plastic, iron and aluminum casting. The garden tables produced are used in many different places from hotels to restaurants, from cafes to the gardens of houses. Here is a detailed review of the types of garden tables and their outdoor use.

Garden Table Material Variety;

Garden tables are made from a variety of materials, and each material has its own advantages. Wood materials such as iroko, pine and teak offer a natural look and warm feel. Aluminum and cast iron tables are known for being durable, lightweight and weather resistant. Rattan knit and plastic rattan injection tables are popular for being lightweight, durable and aesthetically appealing. Plastic tables, on the other hand, are a light, economical and easy-care option.

Garden Table Weather Resistance;

Garden tables must be resistant to external weather conditions. Since they will be exposed to weather conditions such as sun, rain, snow and wind, it is important that the material is resistant to these conditions. In addition, the tables should be suitable for the characteristics and needs of the place where they will be used. For example, while hotels, restaurants and cafes generally prefer materials that are durable and easy to maintain, aesthetic appearance may be more important in the gardens of homes.

Garden Table Usage Areas;

Garden tables are one of the most important furniture used outdoors. It is used in hotels, restaurants, cafes and gardens of houses. These tables provide an ideal venue for outdoor dining, meetings, social events or just a casual session. Also, garden tables, decorative plants, lighting

It also acts as a platform for a garden or other decorative elements, thus enriching the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of the garden.

Garden Table Maintenance and Durability;

The maintenance of garden tables often depends on the material. Wooden tables require regular maintenance and protective coatings, while aluminum, iron and plastic tables generally require less maintenance. Proper maintenance ensures the longevity of the tables. Also, proper storage and use of tables increases their durability.

Garden Table Selection;

When choosing a garden table, the characteristics and needs of the space used should be taken into account. The size, shape, color and style of the table should be in harmony with the general decoration and atmosphere of the space. Also, the material of the table must be suitable for the weather conditions, usage needs and maintenance requirements.

Garden Table Design Variety;

Garden tables offer a wide range of designs. Traditional, rustic, modern, minimalist or avant-garde - whatever style you prefer. You can find a garden table that suits you. The color options are also varied, from natural wood tones to vibrant colors to metallic tones. You can find garden tables in many different colors, from pastel tones. Shapes and sizes also vary depending on your needs and space. Round, square, rectangular, oval or custom-designed shapes are available in a range of sizes from small balcony tables to large picnic tables.

Garden Table and Sustainability;

Sustainability is an important issue for many people and organizations today and the choice of garden furniture is also a part of this issue. When choosing wooden desks, it is important to choose products that support sustainable forest management practices with certificates such as FSC. When it comes to plastic tables, their products made from recycled plastic. Or, ultimately, choosing products that can be recycled will reduce your impact on the environment.

Garden Table and Comfort;

Garden tables should not only be functional and aesthetic, but also comfortable. A cozy garden table creates an ideal place for outdoor dining, social gatherings or a relaxed reading session. The height, width and shape of the table should be in harmony with the chairs or benches. In addition, the material and surface of the table also affect comfort.

As a result of the garden table;

As a result, garden tables are an essential part of outdoor living. Choosing the right garden table, whether in the garden of your home or in a restaurant or hotel. It ensures that your space is used in its best form, both functionally and aesthetically. By choosing from a variety of materials, designs and sizes, you can find the garden table that best suits your needs and style. Garden tables are an indispensable element of outdoor spaces. Different material options, resistance to outdoor weather conditions and a wide range of uses. This makes desks a great option both functionally and aesthetically. Creating a pleasant sitting area in your garden, hosting social events