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Metal Fiber Chair

Product Code: fsa7459
Shock Absorber Fiber Bar Chair - fsa7459 - Metal Fiber Chair..
Product Code: fsa7452
Round Stainless Leg Red Fiber Chair - fsa7452 - Metal Fiber Chair..
Product Code: fsa7454
Orange Fiber Chair with Black Pipe Leg - fsa7454 - Metal Fiber Chair..
Product Code: fsa7460
Metal Stick Leg Fiber Bar Chair - fsa7460 - Metal Fiber Chair..
Product Code: fsa7455
Metal Leg Fiber Chair with Arm - fsa7455 - Metal Fiber Chair..
Product Code: fsa7450
Green Fiber Metal Leg Chair - fsa7450 - Metal Fiber Chair..
Product Code: fsa7451
Blue Fiber Chair with Iron Leg - fsa7451 - Metal Fiber Chair..
Product Code: fsa7453
Black Fiber Chair with Round Leg - fsa7453 - Metal Fiber Chair..
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Metal Fiber Chairs

The Most Beautiful and Most Stylish Metal Fiber Chair

The Most Sturdy and Long Lasting Metal Fiber Chair

With the manufacture and sale of stylish fiber and metal chairs, we offer a different decoration option for your places such as cafes and restaurants.

You can find comfort with the design brand Palmiye Koçak Furniture Istanbul, fiber, metal chair, it becomes a great chair when style and functionality can be combined in elegant and comfortable armchairs. Palmiye Koçak Furniture brand is a chair company that brings fiber, metal chairs, modern design and sustainable materials to dining rooms, wedding halls, cafes and offices around the world. When this design splendor is combined with Palmiye Koçak Furniture. The legendary sitting comfort fiber, metal chair, we have long made it a popular chair in both private and public spaces. Here you can see all the models of ingenious fiber, metal chair in our online store and contact us. Take a look at our site and satisfy your curiosity! simplicity of chairs. Palmiye Koçak Furniture fiber, metal chair is also Palmiye Koçak Furniture's recipe for success: Metal Fiber Chair, various representatives of this environmentally friendly chair collection, optionally with materials such as completely natural wood, iroko, fiber. The Istanbul and European design studio has been focusing on sustainable and modern product and furniture design since 2010 and has made a name for itself worldwide thanks to its innovative development approaches. Together with the manufacturer Palmiye Koçak Furniture, a chair made of fiber materials captures new perspectives for the Scandinavian furniture design of the future. The Metal Fiber Chair in the tube-based version also adds splendor with gorgeous natural materials. Also the chairs in this collection are very diverse . You can combine the seat shell and base in various ways. You can choose from: Fiber as seat, metal chair, Chair cushion.

Features of fiber metal chair chair

· Natural Material

· High Quality and Longevity

· Fiber Material

· Iroko etc. customizable with materials

What is important to the designers at Palmiye Koçak Furniture becomes clear when you look at the details of that chair design. Not only are innovative materials such as fiber fibers used, but also user-friendly ergonomics, which is expressed in different shaped seat shapes.