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Product Code: ktk9036
Black Painted Walnut Log Table - ktk9036 - Log Counters..
Product Code: ktk9033
Black U Shape Metal Leg Restaurant Wooden Log Table - ktk9033 - Log Counters..
Product Code: ktk9041
Cafe Block Table with X Leg - ktk9041 - Log Counters..
Product Code: ktk9038
Cross Metal Leg Wooden Log Table - ktk9038 - Log Counters..
Product Code: ktk9034
Decorated Black Metal Leg Walnut Wooden Log Table - ktk9034 - Log Counters..
Product Code: ktk5007
Economical 4-6 Person Turned Retro Leg Inexpensive Natural Log Table - ktk5007 - Log Counters..
Product Code: ktk5002
Economical Natural Log Solid - ktk5002 - Log Counters..
Product Code: ktk9032
Gray Painted Metal Leg Wooden Log Table for eight - ktk9032 - Log Counters..
Product Code: ktk9043
Iron Leg Wooden Log Hotel Restaurant Table - ktk9043 - Log Counters..
Product Code: ktk9039
Iron Leg Wooden Log Table - ktk9039 - Log Counters..
Product Code: ktk9049
Iron Leg Wooden Log Table - ktk9049 - Log Counters..
Product Code: ktk9052
Iron Wrought Leg Natural Wooden Log Table - ktk9052 - Log Counters..
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Log Counters

Log Tables: The Extraordinary Touch of Nature in Spaces

The log table is one of the most impressive ways to incorporate the aesthetics of nature into interior design. The extraordinary beauty and elegance of these Log tables, from cafe tables to restaurant tables. It plays an important role in the design of many spaces, from hotel lobbies to conference rooms.

Features of Log Tables

The log table is made from natural tree trunks or branches and each carries its own unique character and texture. Such tables are usually made of solid woods. That's why each has a unique texture and line. While maintaining the natural look and feel of wood, the tables are also extremely durable and long-lasting.

These tables have a certain natural and rustic appeal which makes them popular in any type of interior design. The log table is usually round or rectangular, but designers and manufacturers are creating tables in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Log Tables in Cafes and Restaurants

Log tables are the perfect choice for cafes and restaurants. In these spaces, log tables create a natural feeling of warmth and comfort. This kind of atmosphere helps customers feel more comfortable and stay longer. This, in turn, increases customer satisfaction and revenues of the business.

Log tables also blend easily with any decor. Therefore, no matter the general decoration of the cafe or restaurant, a log table will always be the right choice. In addition, the natural beauty and elegance of the log tables add an air of luxury and sophistication to the space.

In conclusion;

Log tables are an excellent option in a variety of venues such as cafes, restaurants, hotel lobby and conference rooms. These tables bring the warm and relaxing effect of nature to spaces. It is a piece of furniture that is both aesthetically appealing and functional. As each carries a unique character and texture. The log fairy tale personalizes any space and creates an original atmosphere.

Finally, the durability and longevity of log tables make them a cost-effective investment. Besides the natural beauty and attractiveness of wood. These tables have been in use for years and are in excellent condition. Therefore, a log table is an ideal option for anyone looking for a natural and aesthetic solution.