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Product Code: msa133
Wooden Walnut Colorful Plum Fabric Restaurant Chair - msag129 - Wooden Chair..
Double Color White Plastic Chair with Black Metal Legs Double Color White Plastic Chair with Black Metal Legs
Product Code: pls100
Double Color White Plastic Chair with Black Metal Legs - pls100 - Interior Plastic Chair..
Product Code: ksa13
Yellow Fabric Upholstered Quilted White Lake Classic Chair - ksa13 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: msag108
Yellow Fabric Upholstered Dining Room Chair - msag108 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ksa70
Wooden Round Backed Chair with Classic Patterned Fabric - ksa70 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: msaf44
Wooden restaurant chair with black leather upholstery - msaf44 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: msad22
Wooden restaurant chair with beige upholstery - msad22 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ksa25
Wooden Restaurant Chair - ksa25 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: msab226
Wooden Restaurant Chair - msab226 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: msag06
Wooden Natural Painted Modern Wooden Armchair - msag06 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: msag122
Wooden Natural Painted Modern Restaurant Chair - msag122 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: msag121
Wooden Natural Chair - msag121 - Wooden Chair..
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The Most Beautiful Home Chairs

Home Chairs; For your living spaces such as home, cottage, villa. View home chair models web content. In addition, fabric and paint options are available in all our chair models.

home chairs features;

Models of chairs used in all areas of homes and address information of Home Chairs manufacturers. Our Home Chairs models Our products are made with extremely high quality products. We make chair models with A-level quality, and we have been in this leadership position for 21 years with our chair models products. A chair is a versatile piece of furniture. Dining room in Palm Furniture allows us to enjoy quiet and peaceful moments while dining with family or guests. By providing extra seating in the living room, it allows us to rest and breathe for a while.


In the office, about the comfort of work and focus, it helps us to focus and work efficiently. With these gorgeous chairs in your home, you add another function to your furniture - the decorative function. Because it grades attractive chairs with a very high degree of elegance and class. Chair models at Palmiye Furniture more than meet all the needs of what you will discover: they beautify your interior immensely, guarantee comfort and convenience, and are also absolutely reliable thanks to their craftsmanship and top quality materials. Ergonomic not enough for you? Do you prefer creative design and unobtrusive solutions over classic solutions? Then there are the classic pendants and the elegant, decorative framed appraisals made of silver stainless steel. You should definitely take a look at your attractive and black magnificent armchairs.

If you prefer lighter, softer deposits to match gold or silver instead of black, you can choose this excellent Home chairs and explore the chair. Comfortable shape provide you complete comfort. And its elegant design decorates the living room and dining room or study room. Another beautiful side is the cottony softness and comfort. With its fascinating chair models, which are concrete examples, it draws attention thanks to its hosting structure. A shell and iran shape is one that will stand out and be remembered for a long time. Aesthetic and light color offers you the character of the elegance of the decor in a wonderful way. Palmiye Furniture also offers unusual and extraordinary solutions such as decorative accessories and small touches such as metals and leathers. Such components can make charming armchairs such as House or Chairs surprising and memorable. Our products are for Wholesale only. Palmiye Koçak Furniture adds durability and elegance.