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Bar Chair

Product Code: abs20
Bar Arm Chair - abs20 - Wooden Bar Chair..
Product Code: abs27
Bar Arm Chair with Curved - abs27 - Wooden Bar Chair..
Product Code: abs45
Bar Modern Bar Chair - abs45 - Wooden Bar Chair..
Product Code: abs57
Bar Wood Chair with Yellow Fabric - abs57 - Wooden Bar Chair..
Product Code: abs23
Beige Fabric Wooden Bass Chair - abs23 - Wooden Bar Chair..
Product Code: abs07
Beige Leather Modern Bar Chair - abs07 - Wooden Bar Chair..
Product Code: mbs01
Beige Leather Upholstered Chrome Bar Chair - mbs01 - Bar Chair..
Product Code: abs37
Beige Leather Wooden Bar Chair - abs37 - Wooden Bar Chair..
Product Code: prs05
Black Fiber Chromium Leg Shock Absorber Bar Chair - prs05 - Bar Chair..
Product Code: prs15
Black Fiber Metal Bar Chair - prs15 - Bar Chair..
Product Code: prs18
Black Fiber Shock Absorber Bar - prs18 - Bar Chair..
Product Code: prs19
Black Fiber Shock Absorber Bar Chair - prs19 - Bar Chair..
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The Best Quality and Robust Bar Chairs

Bar chair models are produced in high models for the purpose of supporting the feet of the seated person. The most striking feature of bar chair models is that the arrangements are different according to the place. Height and narrowness, while the normal standard is used in bars, pubs, lounges. on the dining tables, in terms of durability production. Attention must be paid. In addition, bar chair models, as well as descriptions of ownership. Although it is specially designed for bars, today it is used in environments, staff, cafes, and associations. Bar chair prices may vary for each venue. Bar chair models, how high are they usually? The bar chair is between 40" or 42" from the standard holder floor. At seat level it is between 29" and 30" from the ground. The bar chair models in these sizes provide you with a comfortable space for your knees. Of course, this changes according to the models you want. In addition, this change will also affect bar chair prices. We will contribute to their having a pleasant time by giving them enough rights for the measures we recommend.


Before choosing seats for hotels, cafes, customers or any of your businesses. We recommend that you take a look at our bar chair models. It will meet your expectations from your options that will bring an aesthetic style to every space. Ask to sample a few models. The metal armless bar chair takes up a lot of space in your space while also having an easy access. Thanks to the metal frame, this chair model, which will fit your decor perfectly, also has a long-lasting use. The bar chair with armrests is a model that can be preferred if you want to have a more traditional texture.

You can choose special fabrics and features, as well as the pillow on the back. The swivel bar chair, like the description from its name, allows your guests to welcome their chair without moving it from the ground. In addition, if you are looking for stools other than bar chairs, the bar stool model is backless, and these stools, which provide a lot of advantages in terms of space, are ideal for your spaces. Bolted bar chair is mostly used in modern teachers and bowling alleys. Elements of design and functionality have a special aura. shows that these models will also reflect the prices of bar chairs. If you are searching for the most suitable bar chair price, these products are for you.

Bar Chair Prices

As Palmiye Koçak, we export to more than 70 countries around the world. In addition, the relationship of trust between the manager and our audit and the prices of bars and chairs. It enables wholesale sales. We manufacture our products wholesale instead of retail. Also, decide on existing products or examine the design of your own special product. Bar chair prices will be of high quality in the most suitable way for your pocket. You can search for bar chair, model and bar chair prices on our site. You will have access to all the necessary information. Also, what are the bar chair prices in the projects of your special designs? I would be glad to contact you with the curiosity request.