We come across with the breaking of chair legs, which is a problem we encounter in chairs that we use in offices, restaurants, hotels, private institutions and establishments and provide many conveniences to our lives. In such cases, the first thing that comes to mind is to go to the companies in the chair and furniture sector and have your chair repaired. But if you want to do it yourself without going to a furniture or chair company, this article is just for you. The legs of your chair are broken or dislodged as a result of a blow while carrying it from one place to another, moreover, it started to play together with the blow it received. You may need to buy chair legs. If there is a situation that can be repaired, what you should do;

     For wooden chair leg;

 First of all, you need to sand the foot well, and then you should check the scales of your feet. After such processes, the materials you need are the glue used as an adhesive in wood material. You should apply your glue to the place where you will sit on your chair foot or to the part of your chair that will coincide with that place, provided that you do not overdo it. After this process, all you need to do is to put the leg of your chair in place. Then you need to press the leg of your chair with a press called a vise so that it sticks firmly. Of course, you may not have a vise in your home, in such cases, you can easily handle your pressing process with the help of rubber or rope.

     For Office Chair legs;

The caster of the office chair can be removed by holding the black wheel part and moving it to the right and left quickly and pulling it towards you. You need to use some force while doing this. You will find that in the seat star foot, there is a slot for the wheel screw. If the plastic of the wheel part is broken, do not try to glue it because this process will be an unstable solution. You need to push the wheel of the office chair into the foot socket by moving it to the right and left, just as you do when removing it. When you put it in the slot for the first time, push it inwards and move it to the right and left quickly to insert it into the slot. That's all the process...

      For Metal Chair Leg;

 In metal chairs, there is actually an assembly process that needs to be done.