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Iroko Chairs

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Teak Garden Armchair - itk2029 - Garden Chair..
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Orthopedic Backed Folding Iroko Chair - btk2030 - Iroko Chairs..
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Iroko Terrace Armless Chair - btk2034 - Iroko Chairs..
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Iroko Stackable Arm Chair - btk2036 - Iroko Chairs..
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Iroko Restaurant Garden Chair - btk2028 - Iroko Chairs..
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Iroko Restaurant Garden Armchair - itk2026 - Garden Chair..
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Iroko Restaurant Garden Arm Chair - btk2029 - Iroko Chairs..
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Iroko Outdoor Folding Armchair - btk2026k - Iroko Chairs..
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Iroko Outdoor Armchair - itk2028 - Garden Chair..
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Iroko Hotel Armchair - btk2025 - Garden Chair..
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Iroko Garden Chair - btk2033 - Iroko Chairs..
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Iroko Garden Chair - btk2023 - Garden Chair..
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Iroko Chairs

Chairs made from iroko wood have become a popular choice both indoors and outdoors. The Iroko tree is a hardy and visually appealing tree species that grows in West Africa. These chairs offer both an aesthetically pleasing appearance and provide the opportunity to be used for many years with negativities. Here is more information about iroko chairs.
Iroko Chairs Features
The Iroko tree (also known as Chlorophora excelsa or Milicia excelsa) is a species of tree that grows in tropical forests. Iroko trees, found in Sub-Saharan Africa, draw attention with their large size and strong structure. In addition, the thick bark of the tree is yellow-brown in color and takes a gray color starting from the oxide.

It is one of the most important assets of the Iroko tree. This type of tree is resistant to weather conditions and humidity changes. It is also resistant to harmful organisms such as insects and fungi. Thanks to these properties, iroko wood is preferred in many areas such as outdoor furniture, chairs, table tops and decorative pieces.

Aesthetic Properties of Iroko Chairs

Iroko chairs have an elegant and contemporary look. The natural color of the tree creates an open atmosphere with a warm tone of yellow-brown. This adds a natural elegance and warmth to indoor or outdoor spaces. In addition, iroko chairs are painted or varnished depending on the decoration style. Thus, the desired color and finish is obtained.

Durability and Longevity

It ensures the durability of iroko wood and the longevity of iroko chairs. These chairs resist sunlight, rain and humidity changes, even protecting the outdoor coverings. In addition, iroko wood increases the durability of metal parts by preventing corrosion. It features iroko chairs, gardens, patios and patios. Outdoor environments such as


Iroko chairs are very easy to clean. It is sufficient to clean them regularly and maintain them with a protective coating. They can be cleaned by wiping with mild soapy water or a damp cloth. In addition, the iroko wood is naturally from the loot point, a regular lubrication. With the process, the brightness and life of the tree are preserved.

An eco-friendly option

Iroko chairs also emerge as an environmentally friendly choice. The iroko tree is a fast growing tree species and with sustained forest management characteristics. It also makes it an option that minimizes connection effects when Cultivated.