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Product Code: abt06
Wooden Stool Quilted - abt06 - Stools..
Product Code: atb04
Wooden Stick Antiqued Painted Stool - atb04 - Stools..
Product Code: atb13
Wicker Lukens Leg Wooden Stool - atb13 - Stools..
Product Code: atb12
Wicker Antiqued Painted Stool - atb12 - Stools..
Product Code: atb02
White Lacquered Painted Wooden Thonet Stool - atb02 - Stools..
Product Code: atb03
Walnut Painted Wood Thonet Cafe Restaurant Stool - atb03 - Stools..
Product Code: mtr06
Turquoise Leather Upholstered Metal Stool - mtr06 - Metal Stool..
Product Code: mbs09
Stainless Steel Floor Bar Stool with Red Leather - mbs09 - Metal Stool..
Product Code: mtr05
Stainless Base Metal Stool with Red Leather Upholstered - mtr05 - Metal Stool..
Product Code: mbs03
Stainless Bar Stool - mbs03 - Metal Stool..
Product Code: atb07
Square Wood Stool - atb07 - Stools..
Product Code: mtr01
Round Metal Stainless Leg Green Leather Upholstered Stool - mtr01 - Metal Stool..
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Stool models, wicker, wooden, portable and rattan stools

Stools are furniture products that are used for sitting or standing, usually with adjustable heights and legs. The use of stools is one of the oldest furniture dating back to historical records. In the ancient Roman and Greek periods, it was used a lot on stools and especially in mini and small-scale places.

More with Stools;

Today, stools are widely used for many different purposes. Offering modern and stylish designs for home and office decoration, stools are also ideal for commercial spaces such as restaurants and bars. The bar stool is specially designed for high counters. And it is often actively used in places such as bars or coffee shops. Products, stools, are manufactured using different materials. In addition to materials such as wood, metal, plastic and leather, fabrics in various colors and patterns are also used.


The designs of stools differ and vary according to the area and purpose of use. For example, the stool designed for home decoration is generally more elegant and elegant, while the stool used in restaurants is more durable. And it is usually placed with chrome plated metal legs. Stool height is very important for sitting comfort. The high stool is suitable for standing or sitting. However, the low stool is more actively used for short-term sitting or for decorative purposes.

In addition, some stools can be transported in accordance with different usage purposes with their adjustable heights. Products become a part of the decoration on the stool and where they are used. For example, colorful and interestingly designed stools attract the eye by adding color to living spaces. In addition, since it is light and portable with many stool models, it can be easily used for different purposes in home or office decoration. Stool care is a serious business. It should not be ignored that wooden stools are prone to cracking or deterioration, especially in hot and humid environments. Metal and plastic stools, though easier to clean, can scratch their surfaces. Or it should be kept separate and away from sharp or heavy objects that may cause injury.

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