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Chair Table Models

Product Code: mdm5262
Wooden Table Top White Lake Leg Table Table - mdm5262 - Dinner Table..
Product Code: mdm5264
Wooden Table Dining Table - mdm5264 - Dinner Table..
Product Code: mdm5260
Wooden Table Dining Room Table - mdm5260 - Dinner Table..
Product Code: kdm06
Wooden Colored Lukens Table - kdm06 - Dinner Table..
Product Code: cmp973
White Compact Color Metal Leg Table - cmp973 - Outdoor Compact Table..
Product Code: cmsa50
White Antiqued Glass Restaurant Table - cmsa50 - Pine Table..
Product Code: kym09
Walnut Turned Leg Classic Cafe Table - kym09 - Turned Table..
Product Code: mtm4025
Light Walnut Table Top Stainless Steel Legs Cafe Table - mtm4025 - Metal Leg Table..
Product Code: ths9090
Light Walnut Painted Fan Backed Thonet Chair - ths9090 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ths9520s
Light Walnut Painted Contrasted Tonet ChairThe choice of furniture for interiors is important both in terms of appearance and use. The open walnut painted contra tonet chair is an excellent option that offers an aesthetic appearance, a comfortable seating experience and durability. In this article, ..
Product Code: rmy9096
Garden Rattan Table - rmy9096 - Rattan Tables..
Product Code: cmp976
Compact Table with Iron Cast Leg - cmp976 - Outdoor Compact Table..
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Chair Models

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Our company, which produces thousands of chair table models for restaurants, cafes, hotels, offices, patisseries, homes, schools and hospitals, also manufactures your special orders that it receives from you.

Features of Our Chairs

Superior Stain Removal Technology
Stylish Decorative Models
Original Chairs
Designable Models
Superior Robustness
A-level Quality
Our chair table models You can see here the chair models at the most affordable price according to the intended use kitchen table, kitchen tables, dining table cv we are at your service with many materials, types and models of chairs and tables used by Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and different places located in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and Turkey Our products offer both comfort and durability to our customers within the framework of quality standards. product customizations especially according to your taste along with color, size, style and many other customizations, we offer our products to you in the highest quality and stylish way our products are extremely robust and unbreakable products have the same elegance, elegance, care for 21 years, we still maintain our taste and most importantly, our originality in a way that will be sustainable, and we are determined that in the future our products will compete in more major Sundays, that's why we invite you to our stores to pursue this elegance so that you don't miss this elegance and elegance, we make you talk about our elegance in our very convenient and robust furniture store. our products are very high quality and extremely natural products we produce original products using wood, metal, fabric we prepare and present our products according to your taste. in addition, we are a solution-oriented company, we offer various solutions both via whatsapp, phone and our store, elegance and elegance are with you as Palmiye Koçak furniture. Our products are affordable, robust and elegant, very high-quality and robust products, our products are extremely high-quality products.  we export our products to many countries internationally, our products are walnuts, etc. they are easy-to-carry products that can be conveniently cleaned and wiped using featured and natural materials made from many trees. kitchen table, kitchen tables, dining table, etc. We make elegance, elegance, life, solidity, style and show-off with our products, we continue to do so, you can join us by whatsapp or by coming to our store to choose a product and join us, you know, you join elegance, elegance, life, solidity, style and show-Palm Furniture Adds Life and Solidity.