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Wooden Rustic Chair

Product Code: rsa04
Antiqued Vertical Stick Wood Chair - rsa04 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: rsa39
Antiqued Sonil Fabric Upholstered Wooden Rustic Chair - rsa39 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: rsa34
Antiqued Contra Rustic Chair - rsa34 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: rsa20
Antique Patterned Fabric Lounge Chair - rsa20 - Wooden Rustic Chair..
Product Code: rsa36
Antique Black Bright Leather Upholstered Rustic Restoran Chair - rsa36 - Wooden Chair..
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Wooden Rustic Chairs

Wooden Chairs

Wooden Furniture

We produce the complementary rustic decoration, wooden rustic chair product, chair types with the size, size, model, flooring and paint color option you want for your restaurants, cafes and hotels. It should not be used outdoors. It should be protected from direct sunlight, wet and very humid environments. Cleaning should be done with a slightly damp soft cloth, chemical product contact should be avoided. Direct contact with water and other liquids is not suitable.

Wooden rustic chairs are really elegant, solid and suitable, they will really add elegance to your room and office, they will add vitality and naturalness to the atmosphere with our highly aesthetic rustic chair products. we make our products using the highest quality materials, wood, metal, fabric are used at the highest level, we only sell our products wholesale and we sell them via store, phone, whatsapp. Palmiye Koçak furniture adds durability and elegance. Throne, diocese or judgeship - it was true for a long time: He who sits in a chair always enjoys the dignity of a high office. The earliest known chairs were very low, with curved backs and often carved legs in animal shapes. Sovereigns literally sat above ordinary people, often crouching on the ground. Buddha was influencing them to stand above the subject of rank. At first, no one was sitting in a chair for comfort, people preferred to lie down casually like the ancient Romans. For centuries, a chair or armchair in Europe remained a special piece of furniture that only the nobility or clergy could afford. It was not until the 16th century that the chair became widespread among the peoples and became a part of standard furniture at that time. Made chairs change from a symbol of power to an everyday object. The carpenters made all the chairs from solid oak and mostly cushioned them. It wasn't until the Baroque period that nobles wanted to sit more comfortably, so seat cushions with velvet or leather covers became the norm. That's why we've been making the best quality chair for 21 years. Palmiye Koçak furniture adds durability.