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Wooden Modern Armchair

Product Code: mska20
Wooden Cafe Arm Chair - mska20 - Wooden Modern Armchair..
Product Code: mska42
Wooden Arm Chair with Gray Fabric - mska42 - Wooden Modern Armchair..
Product Code: mska31
White Modern Painted Wooden Hotel Chair - mska31 - Wooden Modern Armchair..
Product Code: mskb07
White Leather Wooden Buttoned Wooden Armchair - mskb07 - Wooden Modern Armchair..
Product Code: mskc11
White Leather Light Walnut Painted Modern Arm Chair - mskc11 - Wooden Modern Armchair..
Product Code: mskc20
White Leather Hornbeam Wood Arm Chair - mskc20 - Wooden Modern Armchair..
Product Code: mskc05
White Lacquered Painted Brown Fabric Modern Restaurant Arm Chair - mskc05 - Wooden Modern Armchair..
Product Code: mskc12
White Lacquered Painted Bordeaux Nubuck Upholstered Armchair - mskc12 - Wooden Modern Armchair..
Product Code: mskc14
White Lacquered Horizontal Stick Restaurant Arm Chair - mskc14 - Wooden Modern Armchair..
Product Code: mska69
White Fabric Wooden Modern Armchair - mska69 - Wooden Modern Armchair..
Product Code: mska19
White Fabric Upholstered Cafe Arm Chair - mska19 - Wooden Modern Armchair..
Product Code: yte162
White Fabric Upholstered Back Square Stitched Brass Retro Leg Modern Chair - yte162 - Wooden Modern Armchair..
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Wooden Modern Arm Chair

Wooden Modern Arm Chair We produce stylish, high quality and sturdy chairs for the needs of various places such as cafe, hotel, restaurant, hospital, school and office, and we also change the details such as material, color and size as you want and need, helping you to make your dreams come true. we help.
Materials such as wood, metal, mirror, glass, leather, fabric and marble are used, and we take care that all the materials we use are of the highest class. Working with top quality fabric brands; We offer you a variety of patterned and printed fabrics such as velvet, satin, linen and nubuck.

These chairs have everything that a real chair should have, and in this way, they will leave a different impression in places such as restaurants, hotels, hotel lobby, cafes and living spaces.

We pay attention to every detail so that our chairs are not only stylish and comfortable, but also functional.


- Stylish and elegant

- Aesthetic Appearance

- Superior Quality

- Logistics Service

- Product Authenticity

Who are we?

Palmiye Koçak Furniture is extremely high quality and elegant with its wooden modern arm products, and it is also very stylish and solid with its modern arm chair.
Palmiye Koçak Furniture wooden chair is modern, we care about durability with our products and we also make our elegance speak. We design our products as you wish, they are original and very decorative.
We serve you with our Furniture Products, and our products are of extremely A quality.
Although they are original products, they are of very high quality, and products such as high quality fabric and metal are the last quality products. Our Chair Types are of very high quality. Pursue comfort, comfort and elegance thanks to our products that will add elegance to your spaces.

Wooden Modern Arm Chair History;

Modern wooden arm chairs emerged in the 20th century. These chairs were designed and manufactured in conjunction with the industrialization process in Europe. In addition to wooden chairs, metal, plastic and other materials began to be used.
The design and styles of modern wooden armchairs have been influenced by the modernism movement in Europe and America. This trend has highlighted simple and functional designs. Therefore, modern wooden arm chairs also have a simple and functional design. These chairs, which are usually produced in natural wood colors, stand out with a simple design with minimalism.