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Garden Chair

Product Code: alb05
Folding Aluminum Chair - alb05 - Garden Chair..
Product Code: alb13
Flat Aluminum Armchair - alb13 - Garden Chair..
Product Code: alg04
Double Pipe Braided Garden Chair - alg04 - Garden Chair..
Product Code: alg04-1
Double Pipe Braided Chair - alg04-1 - Garden Chair..
Product Code: tbs2568
Cappuccino Rattan Injection Hotel Arm Chair - tbs2568 - Garden Chair..
Product Code: tpi9897
Cappuccino Rattan Injection Cafe Chair - tpi9897 - Garden Chair..
Product Code: tpi9900
Cappuccino Rattan Injection Cafe Arm Chair - tpi9900 - Garden Chair..
Product Code: rtm088
Brown Rattan Wired Cafe Chair - rtm088 - Garden Chair..
Product Code: tpi9899
Brown Rattan Injection Outdoor Chair - tpi9899 - Garden Chair..
Product Code: tps9903
Brown Rattan Injection Hotel Garden Chair - tps9903 - Garden Chair..
Product Code: tps9908
Brown Rattan Injection Bar Chair - tps9908 - Garden Chair..
Product Code: rtm095
Brown Rattan Hotel Winter Garden Arm Chair - rtm095 - Garden Chair..
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Top Quality Garden Chairs

Garden Rattan Chairs You can use Rattan, Teak, Iroko, Aluminum, Metal and Plastic garden chairs in Palmiye Koçak Furniture, in the garden of your cafe, restaurant, hotel and home.

General Features of Garden Rattan Chairs;

- Easy Cleaning

- Logistics Service

- 24/7 Solution and Help Service

- Durability and Longevity

- Customization

- Light / Easy to carry

- Robustness and Elegance

Sit comfortably this spring and summer with the various garden chairs and armchairs available at Palmiye Koçak Furniture. When the weather is nice, most of us can turn our garden or outdoor space into an extra living room. That's why it is very important to have Palmiye Koçak Furniture garden chairs Our products comfortable garden furniture. Bring it to your garden or balcony with our garden chairs designs this year. And choose from a variety of materials and styles for al fresco dining and more. You'll also find garden chairs made from certified hardwood, synthetic wood, aluminum, plastic, steel and much more. Whether you are looking for a table, a classic wooden folding chair or a Garden Chair, you can find great models suitable for all types of gardens at affordable prices at Palmiye Koçak Furniture.


Palmiye Kocak is in Furniture. Garden chairs, All kinds of furniture that can be used in garden balconies, houses and cafes. You can reach Palmiye Koçak stores. Garden chairs are of superior quality and are customized according to your appeal and characteristics. Garden chairs are very natural, especially since they will add a stylish and decorative air to your garden. It is of high quality and can be prepared specifically for you. Our Palmiye Koçak Furniture products will look as light and stylish as a bird in your garden. We aim to reach you with our products, we can make purchases from our store, via phone or whatsapp. Since the chairs are of superior quality, they will allow you to use them efficiently for many years. With our products, we aim for your elegance and grace. You can also visit us in our store and find the opportunity to try and discover our furniture. You can spend a comfortable and peaceful weekend with these chairs, which have become a sign of elegance and peace in your garden. In addition, with the high quality products used in it, you will experience the comfort of use for many years.