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Wooden Classic Chair

Product Code: ksa116
Lukens Leg Lathe Backrest Classic White Lacquered Chair - ksa116 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ksa33
Lukens Leg Gilt Painted Classic Chair - ksa33 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ksa62
Lukens Leg Classic Painted Leather Chair - ksa62 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ksa80
Lukens Leg Classic Dark Antiqued Wooden Chair - ksa80 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ksa118
Lukens Leg Classic Chair with Oval Backrest Purple Fabric - ksa118 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ksa56
Lukens Leg Carving Hornbeam Wood Chair - ksa56 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ksa32
Lukens Leg Bordeaux Patterned Fabric Upholstered Classic Chair - ksa32 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ksa122
Lukens Chair with Quilted Velvet Fabric - ksa122 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ksa143
Lukens Carving Antiqued Classic Chair - ksa143 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ksa90
Lion Leg Carving Classic Chair - ksa90 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ksa132
Lathe Leg Classic Dark Antiqued Chair - ksa132 - Wooden Chair..
Product Code: ksa48
Lathe Leg and Carving Hornbeam Classic Chair - ksa48 - Wooden Chair..
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Elegant and Sturdy Wooden Classic Chairs

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Palmiye koçak Classic chairs will never go out of fashion and will keep their place in our time and in the future as seating products. These chairs, which were a sine qua non of splendor and ostentation used extensively by palaces, mansions, mansions and government institutions in the past, are now used as seating products that many residences, villas, hotels, restaurants and institutions care about, but it is not always possible to adapt classic chairs to every type of home, especially recently, people of the urbanized world live in small dwellings.

Stain Resistant              


Easy Logistics             

Natural Material           


Easy To Clean   

Because of this, this kind of wooden classic chair also needs a large living room, so the use of classic chairs turns into a disadvantage in small residences. When you ask a carpenter or a furniture maker which chair you think is better, the answer you will be given is always a classic chair. Palmiye koçak furniture is manufactured with many different types of wood, such as classic chairs, wooden classic chairs. These types of chairs are classic in terms of shape, as well as in combination with carving, they exhibit an even richer posture. It is usually recommended to use beech or hornbeam wood on models with dense and partial carving. Our Palmiye koçak furniture Products are extremely high quality A-level products we are a company that offers complete solutions We are 100% experienced in providing solutions with our Palmiye koçak furniture products and offer 24/7 product support We have very solid products related to products because the product quality is at the highest level there are superior products you can buy our products only from our whatsapp phone lines at the same time from our store we have been selling our products internationally for 21 years and we are a well-known company we sell our products only wholesale, we do not have retail sales. Palmiye koçak furniture wooden classic chair Our products have features such as stain resistance, comfort, natural material, we are a company that offers a guarantee of durability in our products. as our company, we produce in many factories, our headquarters are located in Istanbul, but we export to many regions of the world. Our wooden classic chair model gives that atmosphere like the furniture of the past, at the same time, natural materials are used. Palm koçak furniture adds solidity.