Devrekani Chair

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Devrekani district of Kastamonu is a region that has witnessed both the written period and the time of writing and has a rich cultural value. As a result of many excavations, various hand axes etc. found finds such as. It is known as one of the first settlements.

Its history dates back to the Lower Paleolithic period. Stitched stones were found in several parts of the region. In these areas, it is seen that social facility areas such as cafes were built in order to ensure the comfort of the tourists. As a result of the research done Kastamonu town of M. M. M. M. It will be possible to see a large historical structure dating back to 3000 years.

The people of the region owns these works as if they were their own. It is remarkable that the decorative features of the enterprises such as hotels and restaurants built in many areas of the region are very interesting.

It is considered that the name of the district was called iskananu by one of the Anatolian principalities. Pine is a city famous for its garden chairs.

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