Bomonti, Şişli Mosque, Mecidiyeköy, Teşvikiye, Abide-i Hürriyet Monument, Nişantaşı, Kurtuluş, Atatürk Museum, Esprit Church, Bulgarian Excellency, Ihlamur Pavilion, Darülaceze Building, Notre Dame De Sion French Girls High School, Hamidiye Etfal Training and Research Hospital, Grace The Kırdar Congress Hall, Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall, Open Air Theater, Military Museum, French Lape Hospital, TTNET Arena Aslantepe Stadium and Maçka Fountain are the most important ones.

We produce tables and chairs in different models and prices for offices, hotels, restaurants, café-style businesses located in Şişli, the district of Güzide, the heart of trade.

Şişli Chair

Şişli Hilton Sandalye Klasik Ahşap Sandalye Şişli Modern Restoran Sandalyesi

every district of Istanbul and All Turkey appealing to our company in line with production needs of your business, improve sales and after-sales services in a way that will keep up with the times and offers the best possible way.

The hotel is located between decoration and furniture needs References Bade has supplied our company.

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So, where does the name of Sisli come from?

According to the story; Ottoman era, dealing with construction and spit 'Sisca's' family had called a mansion in Sisli. 'Sisca of host,' 'he said the host time' swelling Mansion 'came to be known as the name of the district and remained the fog. Whether the history line carrying chairs, chairs with modern lines want to get past today's appropriate to your taste chairs, desks, Kocak Palm armchair Furniture is a company where you can find thousands of choices at your disposal.

Şişli Otel Dekorasyon Şişli Restoran Sandalyesi Şişli Sandalyeci

If you also own a business in Sisli decoration, chair, table, armchair, we can get ideas and prices on seats and furniture accessories. Expert sales staff will provide you with thousands of products from the appropriate options according to your budget and your needs.

Palm Koçak, a Şişli chairman, offers you thousands of chairs with different types of skeletons and upholstery. from our website; chairs, tables and furniture accessories for your needs, you can examine our most suitable products, 0 216 427 75 58 and 0 555 981 23 65 phone numbers, specifying the price and production time can receive information.

You can also share the images of your favorite models with us on our 0 543 658 49 47 Whatsapp line.

Palm Koçak Furniture manufactures the best quality chairs at the best prices. Apart from our polyurethane chairs, we can make special changes to the dimensions of all other chairs. Please do not decide without taking the price from us.

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