Palmiye Koçak Iraq Restaurant Furniture Export

As Palmiye Koçak, we continue our exports at full speed. Palmiye Koçak Iraq Restaurant Various wooden tables, chairs, cedar and so on. furniture is included. As in more than 70 countries that we export, we continue our activities all over the world at full speed. We attach great importance to customer relations in our trade agreements based on mutual trust. The company that we export to, provided the furniture of their restaurant with new ventures from us. They have created a structure that is compatible with the general atmosphere of the city in furniture concepts in their restaurants, where they serve various cultural dishes. The design provided by the classical/modern structure has brought the restaurant to the fore in terms of concept. Palmiye Koçak's expert team has a great share in creating this concept; We listen to you and model and present your requests. We make our project better by exchanging ideas together.

As you can see in the pictures shown above, our expert team meticulously stacks your furniture while we export, and thanks to the neat and professional packaging, we are exempt from any damage. The restaurant company has supplied all its furniture from Wood type. By reducing the types they chose from our wooden chair models to their own special designs, we provided the concepts they wanted.

The company, which makes a very special choice about wooden tables, preferred walnut wood tables, which are our special production, in its restaurants. These tables do not compromise with the high quality and aesthetics they provide.

Palmiye Koçak Iraq Restaurant Furniture Export

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