How to paint a chair (DIY)

Everybody cares about their home and workplace. It is no wonder that every item has a separate value especially when it comes to houses with living spaces. The chairs that are used to create a living area or to be used with dining tables are among the most influential in decorating a house.

It is also possible to do this if it is possible to carry out a renewal of these products with the help of a chair. Since it is easy to paint, it will be easy to obtain chairs that can easily be brought to the desired situation without having to give large amounts of money to the chairs.

When people are concerned about painting chairs, the issue is that the chair, which will be prepared for renovation, is covered with varnish. At this stage, because of the necessity to follow big steps, people may be afraid of renovations. But painting a chair that is actually varnished will not have any difficulty for people.

First of all, it will be advisable to remove fabric sit surface of chairs that will be painted, if there is a possibility that they will be covered with the fabric. This will prevent spotting. If it is not possible to remove the parts of the fabric with linoleum covering the right step will be to prevent the chair contamination. Sanding paper can be taken from a wood sanding machine or hardware store and by sanding all over the chair, it will be necessary to start the painting step.

When the elimination of the varnish that is on the old painting of the chair with the help of the sanding is completed, the painting stage can be started. The paint that will be used in this stage is completely in the personal preferences of the people. People who can choose between water-based paints, oil paints or spray paints can choose the option that suits their own ideas. In the drying stage, it is necessary to make sure that no dust or any dirt adheres to the chair.

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When the wood painting is decided to be dyed and left to dry after painting, the varnish stage will be started. At this stage, the application of the varnish, which will make the chair both brighter and which will be a protective layer, is very important. After pouring the lacquer into a large container with a mouth, it is necessary to apply it to the chair with the help of a brush. It is very important not to get too much varnish to the brush during the application phase. Excess varnish will be able to accumulate in certain parts of the chair. This may cause droplet formation, which may create a negative appearance.