Ağın district of Elazığ province has a very deep-rooted past.

AThe district of İğın has hosted different tribes from past to present, many civilizations have flourished in this region and different nations have established sovereignty. Ağın has a remarkable structure, especially with its mounds. Various social facilities and venues have been established around the Ağın mounds, which are visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Local people also do their part to preserve the historical texture. Especially Ağın Necropolis, Hastek Castle, Rock Shelter and rock tombs from the Roman period are among the structures that attract attention. There are rich social opportunities in the region.

Although cafes and restaurants are usually places visited by tourists, the local people of the region also spend most of their time here. Therefore, cafes and restaurants in Agin province are decorated to appeal to both tourists and locals. In this respect, businesses in the district are a unique example of how to decorate a place. We can say that the chair manufacturer profession of Elâzığ Ağın has also improved. The use of wooden laminated tables and pine garden chairs is common in the places in the region. When it comes to the most beautiful touristic places in our country, we strongly recommend you to visit this district that comes to mind. However, the importance of this district for us stems from the chairs we have just mentioned. As Palmiye Koçak, we have been working in furniture and decoration business for years. Therefore, chair manufacturing is of great importance to us. Ağın's presence in a craft such as chair manufacturing, in addition to the natural beauties of a district like Ağın, increases its value for us..

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