Keban district, which is named after theKeban dam in Elazığ, hasbeen enchanting its visitors with its natural and historical beauties. Turkish domination in this region began with the Seljuks. As a result of various excavations in the district, important historical sourceshave been reached.
Cagri Bey, one of the Seljuk commanders, came to the Keban region with his army of 3,000 people in 1017 and the Turkish invasions began.
Elazig is one of the most visited districts. In particular, various canteen, tea garden and cafe-style establishments are located around the dam and are attracting intensive attention. Thanks to this interest, the region has become a tourist district. Although the main livelihood in the region is animal husbandry, the chair maker profession is developing day by day.
Especially patio garden chairs and wooden classic table models are used in hotel style businesses in order not to spoil the historical and natural view. You will never forget what you have seen in this cultural districtthat must be visited.