When Gaziosmanpaşa is mentioned, Osman Paşa, the great commander, comes to mind. Osman Pasha was the name of Plevne Defense in 1877-1878 Ottoman-Russian War. Due to his accomplishments in Pleven Defense, Sultan II. He was deemed worthy of the title of "Gazi" by Abdulhamid Khan, he was wounded in the city after wounding out of the city after commanding the 145-day Pleven Defense in the 93 War. He is a legendary commander of the Ottoman Army. It is also the first person to find the method of trench digging.

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After surrendering in Plevne, Bugot lived in Bucharest, Harkof, and captivity in Russia. He was given the Order of the Double Eagle by the Russian Czar in order to appreciate his heroism.

Yes, Gaziosmanpaşa, one of the most populous districts of Istanbul, comes from Gazi Osman Pasha, whose name has been written with golden letters in history.

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