• Round Backed Turned Leg Lacquered White Chair - ksa111

Round Backed Turned Leg Lacquered White Chair

Product Code: ksa111

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Product Description

For Detail information about this product, send us model number by e-mail, telephone or whatsapp.

Genişlik48 cm
Oturum Yükseliği47 cm
Derinlik46 cm
Yükseklik97 cm

İsteğe özel olarak malzeme cinsinde (ahşap,boya,kumaş,deri) ve ürün ölçülerinde değişiklik yapılabilir.

Item specifics

  • Frame
  • Paint
  • Upholstery
  • Sponge

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Different fabric types should be related to the type of chair as well as the architecture of the place where they will be used. In a classic product, it will be more convenient to choose velvet, chenille, tapestry, damask embossed taffeta fabrics. In a modern product, you should prefer canvas, viscose, linen, flock, nubuck, suede and velvet fabrics. In addition, the most important feature of the fabric is its durability, wiping and washing properties.
Damask embossed taffeta fabric type is generally used in heavy classical furniture and it is a sensitive fabric. We recommend you to use this type of fabric in private places and in the living room of your homes. Linen style fabrics are very durable and have some difficulty in wiping but they are long lasting. Flock and suede-like fabrics are the easiest type of fabric that can be cleaned and nano technology spray fabrics. You can use these fabrics in any place, only recently such fabrics from China and Korea are available in the market due to their prices. You should pay attention to this kind of fabric, most of them contain carcinogenic substances.
These fabrics, especially known as foal feathers, are highly praised and marketed by some vendors and we advise you to stay away from this fabric.Velvet fabric, on the other hand, has an indisputable place among the fabrics that never lose their properties. You can use this fabric in every place with peace of mind. It is a long-lasting fabric suitable for wiping and washing.It is a type of fabric that gets better as you use it, the only problem is that it keeps dust. When you touch the chenille fabric, you really feel that you are touching a fabric.This fabric, which is a very old type of fabric, is a healthy fabric. This fully woven fabric can be washed and wiped at a medium level. 
It can be patterned, leather and artificial leather. In order to provide a more comfortable session and backrest, special sponge selection is made.

Canvas Panama Viscose Fabric

Canvas Fabric

Satin Fabric

Rug Patterned Fabrics

Velvet cloth

Imitation Fabric

Linen fabric

Acrylic Fabric

Flocked Suede Fabrics

Tapestry Fabric

Cotton Upholstery Fabric

Natural Cotton Linen

Sonil Fabric

Alcantara Fabric

Damask Embossed Ottoman Viscose

Gabardine Fabric

You can see Artificial Leather and Leather that you can use in your chair.Artificial leather, as the name suggests, is material that looks like leather but is not original. In today's industry, artificial materials imitating the leather surface are constantly being developed, and visually, very serious successes have been achieved in imitating the real leather surface. Even so many varieties turned out that it is not possible to find such patterns and models in real leather.
Suni Deri Sandalye Artificial Leather Chair Code: Ksa18
Suni Deri Kaplama Sandalye Artificial Leather Covered Chair Code: mska55
Kahverengi Suni Derili Ahşap Kollu Sandalye Armchair Wooden Leather Hotel Chair Code: mskc17
Ahşap Sandalye Kullanım Alanı Modern Chair with Leather Stitching Code: msad19
With the development of technology, leather is the cheapest alternative to real leather in new class leathers with breathability and water vapor permeability. The original leather is an expensive material, and during the natural cutting process, its waste is very high, which increases the cost of the product. However, since the artificial leather is in the form of fifty meter balls, it has very little waste during laying. It is necessary to care for the genuine leather from time to time with its own unique preservatives.
Artificial leather is very easy to maintain and clean. Artificial leather, compared to real leather, is resistant to sunny and partially watery environments. Chairs, Armchairs, armchairs etc. There are many brands and types of artificial leather that you can easily use in upholstered products. Particular attention should be paid to the use of non-branded leathers from China because most of them are produced from carcinogenic substances and have quality problems.

Artificial Leathers

Real Leathers

Furniture polishing process creates a difference in appearance according to the quality of the polish. Special polish mixtures can be used to achieve different shades. It polishes your wooden chair and makes it easy to wipe.

Pa 303 Beech

Pa 306 Beech

Pa 308 Pear

Pa 315 Mahogany

Pa 316 Wenge

Pa 319 Maple

Pa 332 Dark Cherry

Pa 333 Pergamon

Pa 406 Milano

Pa 387 Milas

Pa 378 Anatolian Walnut

Pa 353 Teak

Ral Chart

Suitable for use in Cafe, Restaurant and Houses. The fabric selection of the chairs to be used in the enterprises is important.

Ahşap Sandalye Kullanım Alanı Restaurant Wooden Chair
Ahşap Sandalye Kullanım Alanı Cafe Wooden Chair
Ahşap Sandalye Kullanım Alanı Otel Ahşap Sandalye
Ahşap Sandalye Kullanım Alanı Hotel Wooden Chair

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