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Garden Rattan Chair

Black Knitted Arm Rattan Chair rtt14
Product Code: rtt14
Black Knitted Arm Rattan Chair It has a design that will add awareness according to the places it is used. Our product, which draws attention with its comfort and convenience, has taken its place in stocks...
Knitted Arms Rattan Injection Chair rtt13
Product Code: rtt13
Rattan Injection Chair With Knitted Arms Our product, which is easy to clean, easy to carry and adds awareness to the area where it is used, is now in stock. Our product, which offers comfort and convenience, is produced in the dimensions and quantities you want...
Product Code: rtt12
Rattan Injection Knitted Chair It is appreciated and in demand by our customers, thanks to its advantages such as being plastic injection, easy to clean, easy to carry and easy to clean. Our product is in stock...
Product Code: rtt09
Our product, which draws attention with its pattern design instead of knitting Rattan Injection Patterned Chair, is offered to our customers in stocks...
Product Code: tps9906
White Rattan Winter Garden Chair - tps9906 - Garden Chair..
Product Code: tps9792
White Rattan Injection Restaurant Chair - tps9792 - Garden Chair..
Product Code: tps9892
White Rattan Injection Garden Arm Chair - tps9892 - Garden Rattan Chair..
Product Code: tpi9898
White Rattan Injection Cafe Chair - tpi9898 - Garden Chair..
Product Code: tps9907
White Rattan Injection Armchair - tps9907 - Garden Chair..
Product Code: tbs2570
White Rattan Injection Arm Chair - tbs2570 - Garden Rattan Chair..
Product Code: rtb504
White Rattan Arm Chair - rtb504 - Garden Rattan Chair..
Product Code: tps9910
Rattan Injection Stool - tps9910 - Garden Chair..
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GardenRattan Chairs

Garden Rattan Chairs are the number one favorite of our customers with its garden rattan chair types, which are used very frequently in outdoor furniture, with its aesthetic air and durable structure. Garden rattan chair types are made from a plant material referred to as rattan for short. today's model has emerged by using a special mat weaving method.

Rattan chair models; It provides impressive protection and durability against many natural events including rain, humid/humid environments and even UV rays. At the same time, after the production of rattan chairs, you will notice that it has a light and flexible structure. It can be easily transformed into the desired special structure for gardens, restaurants, hotels and cafes. You can review the prices and comments of the products on our company's website, or you can choose the authentic, modern, etc. you want. You can also learn about Many kinds of materials are also used in the production of rattan chair models. It is popularly seen that these types of furniture are produced from light but strong metals such as aluminum. Our company, on the other hand, does not only produce models made of aluminum, but can also produce products according to customers' own models.

When rattan chair models are examined, a braided structure catches our eye. These structures emerge with a very delicate woven production using furniture staples.

From traditional rattan chairs, we produce all models at affordable prices and high quality. In addition, this production made through the industrial industry reaches you in a short time.

Garden Rattan Chair Models;

You can easily find various rattan chair models for hotels, restaurants and the gardens of your cafes on our website. Apart from this, you can also offer us your own special designs. And you can request the production to be realized. Of course, these situations also support the change in rattan chair prices. Also including dining chairs, sofas armchairs, white cushioned chairs, stools and club chairs. Rattan can be applied to all furniture models. Also white cushioned garden rattan chair models that you can use in your gardens. It will also help you achieve the harmony you want by being produced in different color tones. This model, which also has a curved back and high armrests. It provides great comfort with its soft seat cushion.

You can also choose rattan bar stool models, especially in hotel gardens. These frequently used models are popular in our southern part thanks to the aesthetics they provide in the outdoor garden of the place. We also offer different possibilities in our cushions used in garden rattan chairs models. Also for your businesses. You can also choose rattan type sofas and armchairs, we are absolutely sure that they will add a charming atmosphere to your space. If you want to know about the wholesale cost of garden rattan chairs prices. You can reach the information of the model you want. If you want to get detailed information about more garden rattan chair models you can contact us.


You can find out the garden rattan chair prices for your business by contacting us. We produce wholesale, not retail. Rattan chair prices may vary according to models. If you want to have information about the most suitable and high quality rattan chair prices, you can contact us after reviewing the products on our website. As Palmiye Koçak Furniture, we export to more than 70 countries. We continue to produce with our trade based on mutual trust agreements. If you want to find the right information about garden rattan chair prices, you can check our website. Apart from high quality rattan chair models, you can also find price information of many chair types.