Everyone pays attention to many issues when buying their chairs, but there is one more issue that needs attention and that will cause trouble for you later, in fact, very little attention is paid to this issue in society in general.

This is the subject that the society pays very little attention to, is definitely the upholstery of your chair. Remember that when we say upholstery, we mean that chairs are also used covering covers, you should pay attention to this issue when buying your chairs.  In cases of wear and tear, you can renew the upholstery of your chairs by having them covered. In such cases, instead of changing your chairs immediately, you can think of alternatives in this way. Well, will a chairmaker do the covering of your chairs or will you do it? As an answer to this question, we would like to share how to cover a chair at home in this article! Of course, the condition of your chair is primarily important. In this way, if your chair has armrests, even if it has armrests, you can cover your chair at home. The first thing you will do is to remove the worn or torn covering cloths or upholstery on your chair, the point you should pay attention to while performing this function is that if your covering is sticking, removing it may be a little easy, but if your covering is stapled and glued at the same time, this process it will be really difficult, first you have to remove the staples, and then you have to remove your adhesive coating slowly in a way that will not damage the sponge inside or under it. After completing this process, the materials you need or need;

one pair of scissors

      Adhesive is the most basic material.

   In addition to this, if the sponge of your chair is old, you need one or several chairs, and that number of sponges is also required, and a few meters of cloth with the model and image you want are among your basic materials. All you need to do is to cut the cloth you bought in the dimensions of the seat or back part of your chair, very simply. Then you can cut according to the dimensions of the cloth you bought and sew in these dimensions, or you can directly glue and staple. You do not need to look for a chairperson for these procedures, we hope we were able to help you with this article.