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21 Jun post_image_Our company preferred Palmiye Koçak Furniture for Furniture Decoration Works of United States Consulate General in Istanbul.
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The United States Consulate in Istanbul Preferred Palmiye Koçak Furniture for Furniture Decoration Works.As Palmiye Koçak, we previously carried out the furniture and decoration works of the consulate..
15 Jun post_image_heash airport operation and aviation industries inc.
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Sabiha Gökçen, which was opened to traffic on January 08, 2001, is the second privately operated airport in Istanbul, the first on the Anatolian side, and the first privately operated airport in Turke..
10 Jun post_image_Commodo Mne Doo Podgorica
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COMMODO MNE DOO PODGORICACOMMODO MNE DOO PODGORICA Company in Montenegro has supplied the necessary products from Palmiye Koçak Company. The products supplied;  Round Banquet Table  Rectangular Banque..
30 May post_image_New Blog Post
30 May post_image_Mado Florya Design
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Florya Aqua Mado, Table, Chair, Garden Chair, Plastic Chair, Garden Table, Arm Chair, furniture purchases made from our company...
30 May post_image_Rixos Premium Hotel Belek Antalya
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Rixos Premium Hotel, which is in the new service of Antalya Belek', has been given by our company in various hotel decoration furnitures such as Chair, Armchair, Table, Bergere, Armchair, Servant, Ban..
30 May post_image_Cuban Cafe Switzerland
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The products of Cuba Cafe operating in Bern, Switzerland were collected from our Palmiye Koçak company. Our products supplied for Cuba Cafe;    wicker knit chairs    rattan chairs    wicker bar chairs..
30 May post_image_Export to the United States
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Exporting to the United States of America Manhattan Furniture Company is proud of the palm Koçak family by purchasing quality, comfortable and stylish products, and reveals the quality and assurance o..
29 May post_image_Mercure Hotels
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We have been supplied of Mercure Hotel's restaurant thonet chairs, purple banquet meeting chairs, wrought iron chairs, chester, polyurethane modern chairs, lobby chair designs, round table chairs, mod..
28 May post_image_Merit Hotel Cyprus
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Cyprus Merit Royal Hotel has a special production quilted booths, chester seats, hotel accessories, restaurant chairs, banquet tables and classic wooden chairs which are ordered from our company...
27 May post_image_Manhattan Cafe Dubai
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Dubai Cafe, Chair, Table, Barber, Cedar, Sofa, Garden Chair, Garden Table, Cafe Decoration Products imported from our company has imported new products...
27 May post_image_Eskisehir Modernity Hotel Design
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Modernity Hotel Furniture opened to new service in Eskisehir preferred Palmiye Kocak FurnitureDesign and Furniture works made to the hotelRestaurant Design: Wooden Chair, Armchair, Wooden Table, Metal..
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