Wooden Classic Chair Treads

Those who cannot give up the style, quality and stance of classical furniture; When choosing chairs they also prefer to use wooden classic chairs. The wooden classic chair group is one of the richest groups in terms of variety. There are many kinds of flooring, lathe foot, carved, gilded, gilded, fabric, artificial or genuine leather upholstery.

The main point here is to choose a solid wooden classic chair and be able to use it for years. Let us give you a few tips:

A solid wooden chair is made of hardwoods such as hornbeam and beech. The moisture level of the tree must be reduced to 9 to 13 humidity and the wood must be dried. When assembling the chair parts, use the mortise (generally used in carpentry, usually rectangular section), to make the mortise dimensions sufficiently large, D3 norm (an international standard resistant to water, water vapor and moisture) and above glue. It is also very important to use. The next step is to stay away from low-density sponges. This cheap sponge type breaks down quickly, disrupts, annoys you and your guests.

Classic Chairs

You can easily use it in commercial enterprises and houses halls such as cafes, restaurants and hotels. In these chairs, the most preferred color as skeleton color is walnuts and shades. Among the options of fabric, artificial leather and genuine leather, the most erasable fabric types are preferred.

We wish you to choose the most beautiful wooden classic chairs En

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