Yuvarlak Masa Beyaz Masa Örtüsü

Malima Wedding Hall Bahcesehir Istanbul

A wedding party crowning your happiness, an important corporate meeting, or exciting launches, will leave you with unforgettable trails in three different salons: Malima Invitation and Wedding Hall in Istanbul’s Bahçeşehir district, Napoleon Chair, Chair Ornamental Material, Round Table, Wedding Hall Table, Chester Quilted Armchair, Bride Groom Sandal, Bride Groom Desk, Wedding Hall Accessories. http://www.malima.com.tr

Tiamo Düğün Salonu

Ti Amo Wedding and Events Pendik Istanbul

Ti Amo Wedding & Invitation Saloon Continues activity in Istanbul Pendik, has bright and modern decor, state-of-the-art light, sound and vision systems, preparing an unforgettable evening for you on three different beautiful halls. Napoleon chairs, tablecloths, tables, bridal chair, bridal table and wedding hall accessories of Ti Amo Ball & Invitation Saloon have been supplied […]

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