Yıldızay Wedding Hall

The tiffany chairs, wedding hall accessories, round banquet tables, napoleon chairs, bridal gowns, runners were produced and sold by our company. Europe, especially Turkey, Asia, Middle East and many weddings in Africa, inviting lounge, we manufacture Chairs for seminar areas. Please contact us to get the best prices.

Alışkan Wedding and Invitation Garden Çorum

plastic chairs, bridal groom chairs and table set, banquet tables, table covers, outdoor rattan chairs, chair decoration accessories, round table banquet tables, which were sold by our company to Alışkan wedding, invitation and various outdoor organizations. Turkey’s access at affordable prices to every point, table, sofa, armchair, our company has manufactured more than 17 years […]

Feriye Palace

It is manufactured by our firm Feriye Palace’s white napolyon chairs, folding wooden white painted outdoor chairs, banquet chairs, table chairs, conference chairs, runners, chair decoration fabrics, polyurethane chairs, banquet chairs and round table banquet tables. We produce chester, armchair, chair and table suitable for decorations for the domestic and international hotels. Please do not […]

Y23 Wedding Hall Pendik

It is a wedding hall preferred by couples who will take the first step to marriage in Pendik. Y23 Organization Wedding and Invitation Salon wedding hall accessories, birthday accessories, wedding hall bridal chair, banquet table covers, salon decoration accessories , chair dressing fabrics,  tiffany chairs, custom made seats and ottomans were supplied by our company. […]